Owning Nissan Terrano 85 ps


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Thanks Deepam. The car is 8 years old now and i have clocked some 115000 kms so far. Living in Delhi NCR so have less than 2 years with it. Lets see what all options are available then. Dont want to buy a sub 4 m and dont have budget for a compass or harrier. Also, i need good ground clearance (at least 200 mm) as my drives involve off roads. So Creta, Seltos, Kushaq etc. also wont serve wthe purpose. Looks like i have Duster and Kicks only as my options as of now. I do like the way kicks looks and performs but then i am also dissapointed to see so many aggrieved Nissan customers.
Hi Gaurav,
Nissan Kicks could have been better car!
Rear ingress and egress is problem. Boot space is also lesser.

I did share multiple feedback to Nissan prior to launch and post launch. Nissan India ignored to pay heed to it. Instead spent heavy money on marketing like sponsoring T20 World Cup. Instead they would have spent money in tooling it would have been better.
Magnite they've priced it right and acceptance is there.
I hope this product helps Nissan to grow.


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Couple of days back I did share about the felt.
Attached is the pics of old felt:


The felt which didn't had aluminum foil fell on the exhaust and caused the fire.
This part is known as Absorbent Accoustics. Anyone wants to know part code can PM me. The new part looked like:

Front side near Engine:

The new part has additional Aluminum foil coverage.
I was sceptical that this is the right part (Read below), as I felt the height was smaller. Luckily couple of weeks back Service Center in Pune had replaced this part and Part # was shared by Pune center same was shared. So I asked team to thoroughly check and confirm. They did and the part was fitted
Below are pics of fitment:


(Rotate the above pic by 90 deg to right clockwise)

I recommend all Terrano or Duster owners to check for this part, if this is not in your car to place order, to fit it. Cost is not high. It cost around INR 1.5K and installation time is 30-45 minutes.
This gives nice Insulation between the Engine and AC cooling pipe.

Subsequently Nissan India Parts tool didn't show this part. Team ordered one part and this turns out to be wrong part, received was Damper Dashboard which is an internal cabin part between sheet metal and dashboard.
Attached are the pics of wrong part ordered:

The cost of this part is INR 10.5K
I am sharing this as one should not get carried away like I did.

These parts origin is from Japan.


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Well I was not having a smooth Gear Shift.
It came to the notice of technician that the Gear Lever shift cable controller stopper one slot of the broken part was broken.
Placed an order for this part and part reached on Saturday morning. Pics of old part:

Look at the top right Portion of slot hole this has been sheared off.
Post fitment of the new part Gear shifting has improved drastically.