Owning Nissan Terrano 85 ps


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Driver Seat, seat buckle was malfunctioning.
Also the hardware was not coming easily, when we attempted to replace.
Safety being priority, I replaced both Front Seat buckles, with Hardware and labour it costed me INR 5.3k.

Fitment (since hardware of Driver seat was tight, seat had to be brought out of the car and replacement done)


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Bottom shield fixing screw left side due to battery water drain head got sheared off. Last visit to service center 1 screw head had got dissolved. During the current visit noticed another screw head had been sheared off on same side and I couldn't take further risk, as another screw lost had the potential to trouble me further.
Finally got the screws removed welding it to a gattu.

So I recommend to owners of all vehicles fitted with bottom shield in engine bay to inspect regularly and ensure it's properly secured.
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