Owning the Cheetah- XUV 500, an ownership experience


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The whole point is either you love the looks or you hate the looks.
I fall into the second category and I am sorry bit I fine the looks quite repulsive.... The front looks like a scared snarling toothy animal with all the fangs bared:grin:............... not at all like a cheetah in charge.....in control

No disrespect intended to any person or vehicle ... he he he
Sir, that is the whole charm of owning a XUV, it should be so ki koi samne aane ki himmat na Kare.....

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I was waiting for such a simple narration in a review of XUV!
We have '000s of online reviews... but most of them are coated with big words and some exhibitionist style of writing.

Thank you for focussing on what a potential buyer shall look out! :)

Share some clicks too. :)
Thank you Sir for the appreciation..

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Many Congratulations for your new acquisition, wishing you many happy miles.

Very well written review direct from heart and unbiased, color choice is good 18kmpl is quite good in this beast.
it is indeed written from the heart and truly unbiased...despite of several CONS: I love my beast..

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Congrats on owning one of the most VFM buys south of 20L.

Drive Safe.
Thanks Sir


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In the opinion of Motorbeam.com the interior of XUV is one of the ten best in the cars below 30 Lacs.


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Hello sir congratulations on your purchase. I wish, hope and pray that you have a niggle free ownership experience.
Thanks Scorpio king, after logging 10000km and two services I can definitely say that it was a correct decision. The XUV is giving me a trouble free experience. With its space, road presence and fuel efficiency it is a more than value for money vehicle...