Owning the Cheetah- XUV 500, an ownership experience


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Sir ji which variant is your XUV, W6, W8 or W8 AWD? Anyway nice review.
My variant is W8 FWD.......I do not need AWD.....Iam not very fond of offroading....instead I would love Long journeys with family.....xuv is a ideal vehicle for that......


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Sir, excellent review well written with honesty.. Please if you could share some info/ details on the complex instrument clusters as of now.. Hope lights are obeying your orders...


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Thanks you for honest and first hand review, I have in fact booked my beast and waiting to drive it. I was a bit worried as I was getting mixed feedback. I think now I am at peace with my decision to an extend after reading your post. :)

Thanks again....:)
Hello people,

I will be booking an XUV next month. I wish to book the W8 but for that I will be overstretching my budget. So what I want to know is that whether W8 is really worth the extra 1.6 lakhs over W6?

And in another forum one member is having difficulties in getting the delivery of a W6, so does anybody else know about the mahindras being prioritizing the manufacturing of the W8 over W6?


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It is a matter of personal preferences....kindly visit M&M dealer and compare the features of W6 and W8. I never realised that M&M is giving preference to W8 in fact one of my friend who is getting the car by jugad could only get W6 as W8 was not available at that time...most of the buyers are like to have W8 so it is in crunch of supply....
hi all,

I will be booking an XUV tomorrow.... can you guys tell me as to what things I need to take care of as this is my first time booking a car....