Owning the Cheetah- XUV 500, an ownership experience

Booked a Tuscan Red W8 yesterday have been promised a reverse camera, matting and side body moulding with a complimentary car cover at the time of delivery..... Forgot about the free extended warranty..... BTW I have heard that they have revised the servicing schedule to just kms and not months. is this true? and have heard initially customers can track the delivery status from some sort of online portal can anyone tell me how it can be done?


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They have given me a user id and a pw..to log in on Mahindra Dealer Portal
They have made me to go for third service at 18000kms on completion of 9 months so i think the information needs further probing



I had purchased XUV500 in Dec, Purple club offer free stay for 3 days, 2 nights at club mohindra resorts and in addition to this some discount vouchers
Thank You and Congrat PPSingh for the buy. I also got the same package but everything apart from the 2n/3d stay in club Mahindra is worthless.