Owning the Cheetah- XUV 500, an ownership experience

Pankaj Zarekar

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Called dealer today. Vehicle is in stockyard now. More breather is, it has Bridgestone Duellers shoes. I was worried because during test drives I had seen W4/W6 with JKs and even W10 with Apollo Apterra.

Will do PDI on Saturday at stockyard and payments at showroom. Let us hope I will have PUMA delivered next week. I will need to wait for registration number, as I want same number that sits on my Royal Enfield. Though its not listed under VIP numbers, I will have to wait till new series opens.

Pankaj Zarekar

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Somehow couldn't do a PDI on Saturday. But did it on Tuesday. Released payments yesterday. Delivery scheduled on Friday, tomorrow.

Few images from the PDI.

Side profile

Front grille.


Bridgestome Duellers.

Current ODO reading.


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Completed 80000 km in the lap of my Cheetah..........
proved to be reliable, comfortable and economical...
Only battery changed till date......