Paneer pakoras at Nandini Tunnel


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Paneer pakoras at nandini Tunnel. On NH-1, soon after you cross Nagrota, before Domel (where you deviate for katra) you reach Nandini Tunnel. The Jammu side of the tunnel has several dhabas, which serve(amongst other things), paneer pakoras- they’re a treat- crisp and crunchy from outside and soft and juicy from inside. I’ve often travelled the 30 or so km from jammu just to have these.
Caution- watch out for monkeys!


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Yes these are real treat. Am having them since childhood (when we used to go with our parents to Maa Vaishno Devi).

We still don't miss them whenever we go to Katra and on our way back.


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At that place, during the course of a journey, these pakoras are indeed a welcome break; but I didn't think they were awesome or anything!
It wasn't just me, we were seven people and no one thought these were 'special'! :(


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There are quite a bit of varieties than just paneer pakodas. I'm not a gourmet but they taste good enough
I've got very fond memory at these dhabas apart from pakoras. I have stopped at these dhabas 3 times our of my 4 visits to Mata Vaishno Devi, with parents & cousins (I was barely 15yrs), with friends on a school trip and then on my first driving trip in car with friends.


And if someone is visiting to Jaipur then paneer pakora at Saras Parlor, Malviya Nagar is awesome. One must try it.