Pangi, Ladakh from Oct 04, 2016 - Queries


Dear fellas!

Been a little over five years since the first L trip and now its time for the pilgrimage again.

I know that the time of the year means extreme cold, tried for this month but looks like the mountains like me to see them only in October :p
Me and another friend would both be riding D390 from Jammu-Chandigarh via Kishtwar-Killar-Sarchu-Leh-Merak-Chushul-Hanle-Tso Moriri - Tso Kar - Keylong - Naggar. Oct 4 until Oct 21, 2016.
There would be more halts than what I mentioned above, obviously. Heading home from Delhi on 23rd.

1. Cheapest(really mean cheapest, am on a shoe string budget) home stays at Leh, Hanle, Naggar, Keylong, Killar, Kishtwar?
2. I hope fuel in black is available at Spangmik, Nyoma and Hanle? How's is the fuel quality and what's the approx. price per liter I can expect(aware that it will be higher but just want to set expectations)?
3. Camping near Tso Kar, Tso Moriri, Merak - will be too cold around Oct mid? I will be having thermals and a sleeping bag(S20).
4. BCMTians along the route, please give a shout. Would really love to meet up, even if its for a chai :)
5. Does the fuel cell based stoves work at the higher altitudes?

Thanks for the help, as always, to the fabulous group! Cheers.

Yogesh Sarkar

1. Except Hanle, everywhere else you can find cheap accommodation, costing as low as couple of hundred rupees for rooms with shared toilets.
2. It is dependent on luck. At times you will find kerosene mixed fuel, at times without it. Price is similar to what you will pay at petrol pump.
3. Avoid camping unless you have sleeping bags rated at -10.
5. Not really.