Panipat Indore Route August Rain effect


Dear All,

Pls guide me. Due to very urgent requirement I will be travelling to Indore from Panipat on 8/9 Sep .

Route i have decided is :

Option A
Day 1 Panipat-WPE-Palwal-Mathura/ Agra Halt

Day 2 Mathura/ Agra- Shivpuri- Biora- Dewas-Indore.


Day-1 Panipat-Jaipur-Chittorgarh

Day-2 Chittorgarh - Neemuch- Lebad-Indore

I understand roads might be damaged due to very heavy rains in i week august in MP/Rajasthan.

Appreciate if some body can guide for best route, i will be travelling with wife/ son a ( Dr).
Thanks in advance.
A BCMTian Travelled last week on this route while coming from Bhopal to Delhi.
Overall Bioara to Delhi is good with minor potholes in-between due to rain.
Mostly these are between Gwalior bypass to Shivpuri.
Rest all is good.


Dear all, thanks for encouragement and information. Completed trip to Indore today. details with roads etc.

Panipat Mathura NH709/ WPE/ NH 19. Excellent 4 lane/ 6 lane road. all thru. Lot of chaos and traffic at Vrindavan turn/ Bharatpur turn.

Mathura /Morena /Gwl bypass / Shivpuri Bypass /Guna bypass/ Biora /Shajapur /dewas Bypass/ indore. All road a superb 4 lane highway .
Gwalior bypass horrible road with pot holes. Guna bypass again washed away due to rains , repairing in progress. Very heavy rain at Shajapur till dewas.

Total kms 2370 Petrol 115.6 lit FE 20.5 with 70% AC.