Parang La - A trek startings from spiti ending at Tso moriri Ladkh(Max height 18300ft)


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Hi fellow trekkers. If any one interested in high altitude trekking in spiti region, then this is a best chance. So it is exploratory trek, thats why trek fee not mentioned. All expenense will be divided by participants.
I m going to join. Please check this.
Nice trek. What are the logistics involved .... carry your own or horses/mules? Have you checked the elevation profile? Water available on that route? The last time I saw two French solo trekkers coming down the route at Tso Moriri way back in 2008, were in very bad shape due to lack of water.
hi bee. We will have to hire local guide from spiti (eighter Kaza or Kibber) and he will also arrange for porters and mules to carry our stuffs means sleeping bags, tents, kitchen stuffs, rations, etc. We have to put on shoulders our own person luggage in our backpack.
All camps on this treks are almost higher than the height of 14200ft (kibber) but we have 2 days to acclimatize before starting the trek. And highest point is Parang La thats 18300 ft.
Now about water source. I think that local guide will be aware about it as he goes each year on this route. This year snowfall is very less in the Himalayas so we can have shortage of water on some campsites. But most of campsites are on the bank of river. So hope for well.
Thanks for guiding.


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Hi Jasmin,
I am sure the local guides would have knowledge of the water sources ... you may not be camping on banks of rivers/streams above 4500 m, do recheck. The Day 6 and 7 at Bongrojen would be a killer - never a good idea to acclimatize at 5000+ m, you would be very far off from medical help should the need arise.

A 15 kilo backpack would also be tough going for new trekkers, a day pack would be more appropriate. Could you not have extra mules to carry personal belongings? Ofcourse, adding extra animals means extra fodder which translates to even more extra animals to carry the fodder.

Do keep us posted here on the outcome of the trek, with pictures though :)

Wish you all the best, and have a wonderful time!