Payment of Octroi when getting the Bike inside Old Mumbai


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Hello everyone,
I just got my UP registered bike, Apache RTR, transported to Mumbai from Uttar Pradesh(UP). I wanted to know whether i might need to pay Octroi tax when i am riding the bike and entering in Old Mumbai. If yes, then how much is the rate of tax in Mumbia, Will they provide a certificate too of some kind?
Currently the bike is in Navi Mumbai (Panvel).

Also, should i obtain an NOC too from UP RTO so that i can ride the bike in the city even though i don't require to re-register the bike. And if so, then will they provide me with one if the bike is in Mumbai already and can't be produced in the RTO at the time of obtaining the NOC?

Yogesh Sarkar

NOC is needed if you wish to reregister the vehicle and you don’t need to pay any taxes, apart from toll tax, where it is needed.

Having said that, legally if you intend to ride your motorcycle in another state for more than a year, then you have to transfer the registration of your vehicle to that state.


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i think noc is not required if you don't want to transfer the vehicle octroi also not applicable but police may stop for outside registration.
Please check with rto agents for confirmation.
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