Peacefull Home Stay, Merak(Pangong Tso)


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We were planning to Pangong Tso to Tso Moriri trip. I wanted to stay at Merak. I got this place's number from google. I called up his owner at booked the stay. He was very responsive on phone.

Here is our experience at Peacefull Homestay.

"Peaceful Home Stay was basic but clean and comfortable. They had two double-bed rooms with attached bathroom and one 5-bed room. The owner was friendly and co-operative. He allowed us to use any of the rooms. Each of us occupied separate rooms.

We got freshened up. Meanwhile, our Maggi was ready. It was very cold and windy outside of the rooms. However, we didn't want to get away from Pangong Lake. We asked the owner to arrange a table outside of rooms.

Lake was at a walking distance from our home(stay). We went to meet the lake.

We came back to our home(stay). I visited the owner's family. As per owner, whenever they have a guest at their homestay, it is always a celebration for them. I asked do they prepare different food for guest. He said they eat same food made for the guests. I invited owner and his family to have dinner with us.

At night, Owner, his two kid and his caretaker joined us for dinner. We spent more than two hours talking with them. I discussed the road status of Merak to Korzok with the owner. He gave me some useful tips for next day's drive. We had some amazing time with totally strange people.

Merak was very cold but our rooms were warm. Each of us enjoyed separate rooms and had sound sleep. We woke up at 6.30. Homestay owner packed breakfast for us.

The entire family came to say goodbye to us. I went to homestay owner and promised him that I"ll come again. He asked me to come during winter to see white Pangong."

Overall we enjoyed this place and amazing hospitality of the owner. The beds are cosy and comfortable. Rooms are unbelievably warm. As far as I know, they don't have any heater in their rooms.

Peacefull Home Stay, Merak.

Guest Rooms.

Dining Area.

Double Bed, room.


Attached Bathroom.

Owner Family. (Permission to upload photographs taken)

Dinner with Owner's family.

Dinner with Owner's family.


Owner's house.

Helpful Owner.

Helpful Owner.


Pangong at walking distance.

A morning at Merak.