Permits & State taxes


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I want to know whether state taxes are there while riding from Chandigarh for LEH. I am from Pune,So for Maharashtra passing bike need to paid any state taxes ??
If yes ,let me know the areas where i have to pay the taxes


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Non-commercial vehicles do not have to pay any state taxes. You will have to pay for Manali green tax as well as Permit for Rohtang Pass. Both can be paid online at Tourism Development Council Manali (H.P.)-InformatoryScreen. Apart from this, you need to get inner line permit for Ladakh and it too can be obtained online at LAHDC Leh Permit.
Very helpful... But one clarification..
1. Can I still get the if the vehicle is not in my name? 2. Anything else that we need to apply for if I am traveling from Manali to Spiti...?