Personal Cloud Storage


I am looking for a personal cloud storage solution (NAS)
Considering WD my cloud 4TB right now.

I want to know how is the actual data transfer speed ? Does it depend on wifi router specification?
I will be using this storage with 1 windows + 1 Mac + 2 iOS
Main usage - data archival and backup.
I do not need online data access.

Any suggestions?


Where is the remote?
Bro, I use 2 X 4 TB WD my cloud. I mirror them using a software called "second copy". I am happy so far for last one year or so. Unfortunately my router has conked and I am looking for a replacement and right now using it with USB 3 ports and the transfer speed is about 50 MBPS. Hope that helps. I strongly recommend 2 HDDs for the sake of redundancy.

How is the speed over wifi? Any suggested router?
Why didn't you consider "My Cloud Mirror" from WD for mirroring?
I am planning to use a another HDD (which I already have) for backing up important data.

Can i create a Lightroom profile with images stored in cloud storage?
Right now when i remove photo from local drive and move to external HDD, I have to remove them from LR profile. Once i remove them from LR profile all editing is lost. I retain RAW files of images i like in HDD


Where is the remote?
I have bought this upon the recommendation of techie friend

The "second copy" software is amazing, I recommend that to you. Completely takes care of backup needs, highly customizable. Try the trial version.

Regarding the LR question , I could not understand it. I have set the default location of my LR database to an external Lacie HDD , 2 TB ( I use LR through a 3 year old Viao with only 500 GB HDD) and then mirror them to another 2 X 4TB . No issue regarding LR profiles till date.

Okay I will check Second copy software. thanks for info.
Reg. LR question
When you remove photos from HDD and move them to MyCloud, LR will delete any edits that you have done to the images.
Suppose I export photos directly to MyCloud and import them in LR catalogue, will it work?


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Please consider it as a noob question but I haven't been able to find a definitive answer from my online search yet.

Are there any solution out there in which NAS drive connects to network using wifi and not only ethernet?
I am thinking about setting up personal cloud storage but not being able to connect to wifi router wirelessly is sort of a deterrent for me, as the internet router is at ground floor of the house and I want to setup the NAS devices on first floor in the computer room.
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Most basic NAS come with USB 3 or Ethernet connection. Finding one with WiFi is going to be both expensive and difficult. Best option in this scenario is to build your own.

Having said this. Today one of the real and most dangerous threats to data is ransomware. So it is best to ensure at least one of your data is offline, which is only periodically connected to update backups.


If you can plug things to the router, then get an off the shelf NAS. It would be easier to setup and manage. However, if you want one, which connects wirelessly to your router, then you need to build one. Essentially NAS is nothing but a computer with software meant to manage data.