Personal Cloud Storage


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Isn't it possible to configure a new network using a computer in your "Computer room"? and plug your NAS into your computer directly.
That way a computer would be up and running all the time. Not an ideal situation really, at least for me.

Theoretically, you should be able to connect your NAS to Wifi router by connecting a Wireless Network Adapter to your NAS USB Port. I am not sure if your NAS supports it.

Synology NAS supports plugging USB wireless dongle. Verified this here
Yeah thats one way to go about it but Synology has fixed list of Wireless adapters it supports.
I think I am gonna go ahead using the wireless repeater solution. Lets see ;)


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Frankly speaking, you are better off getting a cheap cloud storage account than exposing your network and drive to the internet. You can even get servers for US$15-20 a month on rent.
I have been waiting on google drive to reduce cost of 1TB subscription.


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I guess the unlimited photo plan is paired with Prime.
If we buy Prime, then it comes with 5Gb for rest of stuff and unlimited for photos.
If we buy unlimited storage only, then Prime isn't included

Just signed up for unlimited storage. First 3 three months are free :)

Tonight, let the upload begin :D