Phone services in Ladakh


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Good news for people who like to be always connected. Not so good news for people like Salil and me who prefer "cut off from the world" situation.

And Reliance coming to Laddakh with broadband connection has destroyed my plans to settle in Leh by opening a chain of Internet cafes. :(

Yogesh Sarkar

One tip for those heading to Ladakh and don't want mobile phone signal, go to Tso Moriri, Pangong Tso and Rangdum in Suru Valley you won't get any mobile, land line or internet connectivity there :)


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Between Keylong and Leh there are no mobile services.

In Leh BSNL and Airtel Post-paid services work.


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Hi, As per my experience on 2007 visit, both MTNL and AIRTEL post paid connections work as they share a single tower in Leh city. My advice will be taking a MTNL Postpaid connection as it delivers a better connectivity than Airtel Postpaid as it has a tie up with BSNL J&K.
I am going again this year in September and will be carrying MTNL.
Airtel postpaid does not work in Nubra Velly. Only MTNL/BSNL postpaid phones work there. There are a couple of STD/ISD booths in Diskit and Sumur.

When going towards Nubra, Airtel postpaid will work until 4-5 Kms before Khardung La.

When coming from Manali, Airtel work until Keylong. MTNL/BSNL phone works 20 kms after Keylong i.e. till Jispa. There also is a STD/ISD booth at Jispa.

When we were at Jispa, we found that neither MTNL/BSNL phones nor phone at STD/ISD booth was working as there was some wire cut 10 kms before Jispa. So we had to ride back for 20 kms and then reach the network zone, as i had to make an urgent call :(.