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Re: Copyright of photos

I think the title of this thread (Copyright of photos) ought to be changed to 'Watermarking photos'.
The whole thread deals with watermarking and not the 'legal' process of copyrighting.

(This post may then please be deleted).


Sandeep Barve
Hi Yogesh,
Somebody told me yesterday that film cameras don't work properly at high altitude, and it's best to use digital ones only.
Is this true? What precautions can one take if using a film camera.
I own a Canon EOS Rebel T2,SLR camera.
Do I use some different film or the regular Kodak Gold thats available everywhere.What ISO should I use.

Yogesh Sarkar

Anup sir is right, in fact in some aspects it is better to use the film camera because they need battery to operate, which dies pretty quickly in cold weather.
To Y.S.

Thanks to your example I have learnt to use watermark, but how to do batch? I tried but cannot see the preview so its going nowhere:(

Can you help?????????
Uncleji:Can u help regarding batch photo marking, but thru irfanview only? I have identified 2 thieves who have used my pics into their trip logs in another site 'teambhp' I am feeling so bad:(:(