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Tinni, sorry for the delay.
Here is the procedure. Also explained in the IrfanView HELP file.

IrfanView > File > Batch Conversion/Rename > Use Advanced Options > Add Text Overlay. In the settings there you can type out your watermark and the symbol, choose distance from X and Y axis, choose Font, colour etc...
Then go back to the first window and add the folder with the pics and choose the folder where you want to save the processed pics. Then click the start button and it's all done!

As for your pics that someone at T-BHP has posted, as YS has mentioned, please report that post at T-BHP. That is a well regulated Board and they are totally legit!
Y.S nd Uncleji: first of all thanks a lot for the help. As for the team bhp case, the photos names have been changed nd I did not have watermarking, so how can that be possible? One person's name is A. Kaushik nd he has written about a Meghalaya trip, he has the elephant falls photos, ones I had taken on my cell nd they are a bit over exposed
Uncleji I saw u as a member there so you can also check, I dont want to create any chaos, I am sure there are many crooks who must have lifted many photos of many people, nd BCMT being a treasure trove, there are many who suffer(I am sure)

Only way is protecting the pics, thats what I am gonna do nd would encourage others too.
Again many many thanks to Yogesh nd Uncleji:)

Yogesh Sarkar

Tinni, whether or not you put a watermark on the pics, they are yours and you can get them to take them down! There won't be chaos created, if you want, I will email their Admin, he is a nice and reasonable person and he will take the action which is needed.
Y.S: I would like you to check the photos first, I will gv u the details, if u think the same then we can go forward. But now an imp ques....
I am operating thru opera, when I am trying to upload the watermarked photos at the place where the previous ones were, they are not loading but the originals are loading? What's the problem?

Pavan Singh

Chak De Fatte!!
Hey Tinni, I went through the log of Kaushik and yours but unable to find similar pics. I am just curious to know what he copied and also worried if the same thing happen to our pictures. Do you mind pointing us to the link of his log and yours from where the pics are lifted.
Pawsingh: the 2nd nd 3rd elephant falls pics in his log, one is in my log, though cropped now nd the other one I had moved earlier, didnt like it as was over exposed. I dont want to linger on this any more, just dnt want a repetition.....

I am ending it over here.