Photography Contest 25th April to 6th May 2013 comments and queries


Posted my entry there, good to see so many new members joining BCMT and that too with their entries in the photography contest. Welcome aboard people.

John Mathai

john-the wanderer
I've a suggestion regarding the voting rule.

A member can vote for however many photographs they want. Voting too will end on the 6th of May 2013; hence those posting images early will likely have an advantage.
Instead of giving advantage to early posters, allow voting only after the cut off date for posting.

Yogesh Sarkar

Those who post first, will in any case have an advantage, since their entries will be displayed first.

Due to how software works, voting can't really be stopped while entries are pouring in, so no point extending the voting phase.


Staff member
People are not joining for the contest, rather, members are posting their first post, on contest thread. They joined back earlier. May be, the mail shot to registered members has its returns.


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Vasanth, I'd say both 'qualify' but to most people the first one would convey the concept of 'motion' better.