Photography Contest 25th April to 6th May 2013

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Yogesh Sarkar

After quite a gap, we are once again starting our photography contests and this is the first one in the series with the theme being, photography in motion i.e. panning, action or photographs depicting motion (check this thread for reference

Contest rules:

1. Each member can only upload one photograph (here is how to upload images
2. Photograph has to be taken by you (those posting photographs lifted from elsewhere will be immediately banned).
3. While photography can be edited as much as you like, you cannot add objects to it, which do not exist in the primary image eg. adding sky from another image or a foreground/background subject which didn’t exist in the original photograph. The only exception to this rule is HDR photographs.
4. Contest ends on 6th of May 2013.
5. Photographs which do belong to the theme of the contest (photography in motion) will be removed/moved without notifications.

How to vote for a photograph?

Click the like button located on the right hand corner of the post (as shown in the screenshot below). A member can vote for however many photographs they want. Voting too will end on the 6th of May 2013; hence those posting images early will likely have an advantage.


No posts apart from those made to participate in the contest will be allowed in this thread, please post comments on photographs or queries related to the contest in this thread
Noida on the move.
Taken from Noida Sec-18 Station on the noon of September 24th, 2011


The photo is taken from a 3.2mp Fixed focus phone camera, so it will lag behind the snaps from professional cameras in terms of clarity though.


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First ever entry in any such contest related to photography... :eek:
Clicked it during our official EuroTrip in 2011 :)



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Taken few KM's before Diskit Town, Nubra Valley.

Feel like God. :)
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Re: How to upload attachments

my recent bike trips to diveagar and jwahar hope you like it andhope the pics qualify for the motion photography contest
perfect pic.jpg
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Riders view
Panning shot captured from a car driving adjacent to the biker. You can see the car and his fellow bikers reflection in his helmets windshield.
Man and Machine_2.jpg
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