Photolog: From the rains of Uttarakhand to the deserts of Ladakh


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Zahan mei Ladakh ke zid thi itni kee
Manzil kee aur akela hee chal para,
Log sath aate gaye aur karwan banta gaya

Folks, my heart is filled with gratitude. From the moment I started planning for a Ladakh trip on bike, this place has been my GoTo point for every queries. Everyone has been extremely helpful from answering basic questions to writing detailed travelogue which helped me plan my trip.
So a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to the forums here adding to the collective knowledge which is helpful to one and all.

This will be mostly a photoblog with minimal commentary in between.

  1. Prologue (This Post)
  2. Day 1 (July 6th 2015) - Nainital to Ambala (455Km)
  3. Day 2 (July 7th 2015) - Ambala to Udhampur (435Km)
  4. Day 3 (July 8th 2015) - Udhampur to Srinagar (234Km)
  5. Day 4 (July 9th 2015) - Srinagar to Kargil (237Km)
  6. Day 5 (July 10th 2015) - Kargil to Rangdum (130Km)
  7. Day 6 (July 11th 2015) - Rangdum to Drung-Drung Glacier to Rangdum (73Km)
  8. Day 7 (July 12th 2015) - Rangdum to Kargil (126Km)
  9. Day 8 (July 13th 2015) - Kargil to Leh (234Km)
  10. Day 9 (July 14th 2015) - Leh
  11. Day 10 (July 15th 2015) - Leh to Diskit (157Km)
  12. Day 11 (July 16th 2015) - Diskit to Panamik to Khalsar (144Km)
  13. Day 12 (July 17th 2015) - Khalsar to Leh (123Km)
  14. Day 13 (July 18th 2015) - Leh to Spangmik (Pangong Lake) (167Km)
  15. Day 14 (July 19th 2015) - Spangmik to Lukung (12Km)
  16. Day 15 (July 20th 2015) - Lukung to Rumtse (178Km)
  17. Day 16 (July 21th 2015) - Rumtse to Wiskey Nala (135Km)
  18. Day 17 (July 22th 2015) - Wiskey Nala to Sarchu (50Km)
  19. Day 18 (July 23th 2015) - Sarchu to Manali (248Km)
  20. Day 19 (July 24th 2015) - Manali to Nainital (780Km)

Starting off with a few pictures. Rest over a period of next few weeks as I identify the good ones and upload them.

Rains lashed Uttarakhand when I started.

Sunrise over Dal Lake

Glacial lake in Zanskar

Bridge over melting waters

Drun-Drun glacier

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Thanks Sajal. Your Leh log has always been an inspiration.

Rocking start Lokesh
Thanks Chetan.

WOW!!! What captures...amazing start!!!
Lovely start
Amazing Pics!!
Stunning pictures...
Beautiful start, keep it going!
Folks, glad you liked the introductory pictures.


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Day 1 (July 6th 2015) - Nainital to Ambala (455Km)

Uttarakhand was in deluge the day before I started. There was flood and heavy rainfall warning everywhere. It seemed that my trip was doomed before I started. In Nainital several trees fell down and rain water flooded several building on the mall road. Yet I waited, fingers crossed. All I needed was an hour long window of little or no rain. That would take me down to the plains. No landslide worries then.
I was up at 0330, ready at 0400; waiting for the rains to stop. The window of opportunity came at 0600. Without wasting a minute I packed the gear on the bike and left home, hopeing to get out of the hills before rains started again.

Khurpatal - A picturesque lake on the way

Water Crossing. So unusual in the Nainital area. Would get used to this as the trip proceeded.

Yours truely on first day morning. All clean attire and clean bike. Won't stay like this by end of day.

Rain would start within 30 minutes of my leaving home. It would stay with me, sometimes light and sometimes as a downpour, all the way till Shamli.

First morsel of the day just before at Bijnor. Tandoori parantha and curd would become my staple for next several meals.

Inundated fields after Muzaffarnagar

The town of Shamli. I always wanted to visit this place ever since I read "Time stops at Shamli". I would spend a little more time here on my way back due to being lost within the traffic. Rain left my companionship for the day here.

Yamuna River, just before Karnal. The road from Shamli till here was a mess. Good roads started after this.

After Karnal, I turned towards Ambala Cantt. There I went in the wrong direction towards Chandigarh, rather than towards Kharar. It was almost 7PM. I was hungry and wanting a bath. So decided to call it a day. Found a roadside hotel and settled down. After a bath, went down to the nearby village for dinner. Also picked up some rope and other stuff.