Photos at sea

Scorpion King

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These snaps are all taken from a ship or related to a ship

Here's me posing from my ship in Shanghai

Trying to caputre rough weather using still photography (not too successful i think)

Thats a sunset photo at sea

The sea is frozen but the ships move on (taken from cabin window)

Another evening shot from cabin the salt deposit on window are visible

Thats me in uniform

Renewal of steel plates in the dock (thats gas cutting sparks)


hibernated traveler

I am jealous....

*sobs* waaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i wanna be a marine engineer *sobs*........


amazing shots bro,

but, now i would expect a lot better photograph of sunset in the sea from you, with big fire ball dipping in the they show in movies.

and I guess, only you will be posting in this thread now coz most of us haven't been to a beach or a ship 8)

Scorpion King

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Trust me buddy what u see is just the good part which wold be like 5% of the total.

Rough weather u dont wanna be there in my worst case the ship rolls 30 degrees from horizontal on each side and life is hell

As far as the frozen sea is conncerned it is any sailors worst nightmare and i dont want to start on the host of technical problems we faced but it was chaotic when things start freezing up on the ship.

Will post more in time

Yogesh Sarkar

Rohan awesome shots, damn the last time I saw near sea was in 1995 on our family trip to South India. Enough of touring in hills, after the Ladakh trip I have to do my next trip to Goa 8)