Pizzeria - Mumbai


Incredible Bulk
Infact a lot of people call it "Jazz by the bay", the board in from also has the "Not Just" part written in small font.


One of the best pizzas in Mumbai.
Located on Marine Drive (Netaji Subhash Chandra Road) 150m from Churchgate station. The road outside Churchgate station, as it hits Marine Drive, Pizzeria is on the left side.

No air conditioning here, only fans and sea breeze to cool you. And it really does! Lovely place to enjoy a pizza with beer. And of course, in the rains, its even better

Not been to this place for about 4 years now! But even from back then, these guys made the best pizza I've had.


it is really a great place, pizzas r not much to write home about..had one of my very first dates with my wife there so has a special place for me ....the restaurant is caleed "NOT JUST JAZZ BY THE BAY'
It's called .. not caleed .... ;) :D:D