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You can also do: Yaganti-Ahobilam-Mahanandi Trip.
Recommend to stay at Ahobilam or Mahanandi [APTDC has accommodation]

Then one evening you could visit Big Banyan Tree [Pillalamari] in Mahbubnagar.


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We decided to go to Srisailam for the first time. We heard that there are many attraction points there. From Hyderabad we decided to take NH 765. From my home the distance is about 245kms and the google map was estimating the drive time as 4.5 hours.

We started the drive at around 6:45AM. It is going to be a day drive so no luggage was required. We only packed emergency things. We took the Outer Ring Road (ORR) and people who have experienced the ORR would say that it is one of the best road in India. We took the exit 14 from ORR towards Srisailam on NH 765.

NH 765 is in great condition. It does not have divider but you can easily drive at 100. The traffic is less. There are very few eateries (family) on the way. So you need to take a break before the Ghat/jungle area starts.
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It goes through thick forest and fantastic ghat roads. Drive slow, open the windows, and enjoy the drive. Once you reach near to Srisailam you will get views of the river. And the view is mesmerizing. See it for youself below:

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View attachment 691329

If you go forward you will reach Srisailam Dam. Take a break and enjoy the beauty.

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The best time is go in mid to end season of rain when you can see the dam in full capacity. And if you are lucky you can see it when the dam gates are open too.
The Srisailam is near from this dam. Once you reach Srisailam find a place to park your car. In off season (temple off season) it is not very difficult to find a parking place. After that you need to walk towards the temple. The temple has three separate queue. First one is free, second is 100 rs, and third is 500 rs. If you have more money may be they can directly take you to god. The temple is beautiful but you can see only iron cages which you have to follow for darshan. The Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple located in Srisailam is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples dedicated to Lord Shiva.

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Once you come out there are multiple places where you can eat. There are few pay and use toilets which also you can use there.
We finished our lunch at around 2 PM. We were not sure whether to go back to home or to go to Ethipothala Falls. Srisailam to Ethipothala was around 3:15 hrs (~170 km) drive as per google. After some discussion we decided to give it a try. Please note you can plan to explore Srisailam more and can spend few days too.
The road from Srisailam to Ethipothala is narrow and many places the roads are very bad. It is so bad that you can feel it even in Safari.
But once you reach Ethipothala you can relax and rejuvenate yourself. There is a small park where kids can spend some time. There is a place to eat and toilet is also available. There are few temples also nearby.
Below are some views of Ethipothala water fall:

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View attachment 691350
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After this we planned to go back home. Ethipothala to my home is around 220km and 4 hrs drive. And on the way you will see Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. It is one of the top five Dams in India. Till 1:00 PM they allow visitors to go to dam but after that you can always enjoy the view from distance. We were very lucky to see it just before sun set from a nearby bridge. (good part is, it is allowed to take photographs of the dam).

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We started our journey back to Hyderabad after the sun set . The roads are ok to good. Afterwards as you come near to Hyderabad it becomes excellent. It was drizzling and I was enjoying the night driving in rain. Once we reached ORR we realized that I am about to complete 1 Lakh km in my Tata Safari.
Almost at the exit of the ORR we completed 1L kms

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We celebrated it by having dinner at KFC and we reached home at around 10PM after a 640km drive.

My suggestions:
1. For Srisailam plan for one night stay at Srisailam. There are other routes too. I will share those once I go through those.
2. For Ethipothala and Nagarjuna sagar dam - Start early from Hyd, visit Shiridi Sai Baba Temple, then go to Nagarjuna Sagar Dam before 1PM, then go to Ethipothala and come back in the evening.

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Nice pics
Yes trip to Srisailam is really refreshing.
Srisailam AFAIK is the only place which is one of the 12 Jyotirlinga's and one of the 8 Shaktipeeta


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Last weekend, went on a day trip covering:
  1. Somaila [Sri Lalitha Someshwara Temple on back of Krishna River]
  2. Kollapur [Sri Madhava Swamy Temple]
  3. Jatprole [Sri Venugopal Swamy Temple]
  4. Pebbair [Sri Venugopal Swamy Temple]

Route taken:
Hyderabad - Jadcherla - Bhootpur - left to Nagarkurnool after crossing right to Kollapur. Crossed Kolhapur to reach Somasila.​
Returned back to Kollapur and moved to Jatprole & then Pebbair. Then touched NH7 / 44 to reach Hyderabad.​

I shall post photos shortly.


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Here is a new place which I came to know today is Kuruvapuram Temple, here the Shri Sripada Vallabha born in Pithapuram, AP penanced for 14 years, So, there is padha of the Saint.
More info at: Kuruvapur | Sree Datta Vaibhavam

This also can be reached by taking diversion to left at Mathkal on Mahabubnagar to Raichur road. On reaching Kurvapur, you need to take Thepha ride to temple and this I am told worth experiencing!!


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Another temple on same road this is after ~ 15 km from Mahabubnagar on Raichur Road on left there is Manyamkonda Shri Lakshmi Venkatesh Swamy Temple.
Local people consider this to be as Chinna Tirupathi,
The deity is known as Veera Venkatesh Swamy Temple as local deity is Shri Veerabhadreshwara.
Just when we take left at the Arch there is Sri Lakshmi Temple, Have Darshan and ascend the road ghats.
So while going to have Darshan, we need to first have darshan of Shri Veerabhadreshwara and then proceed to Venkatesha Swamy and it is in Cave. Post Darshan have darsharn of Lord Shiva to arrive back.
Temple is open between 6 AM to 7:30 PM with break for Lunch between 2-3 PM.

Post this half a km ahaed, there is an old temple which was discovered and new construction was completed a year back Shri Lakshmi Yoga Narasimha.
Both these temples are Shayambhu


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A quick day trip to Warangal, Ramappa Temple and Laknavaram Lake, this was on my list and got to visit last weekend:
Started from Home @ 5:10 AM post fueling started to Warangal, reached Bhadrakali Temple around 7:40 AM and had pleasant darshan.
After having Prasadam started around 9:15 AM to Ramappa Temple reached around 10:50 AM.

Here are some Random clicks of Ramappa Temple:











Post which we moved to Laknavaram Lake.
I missed to take the deviation and had travelled 8 km on NH163.
Simple is while traveling from Mulugu towards Laknavaram, you get Jawahar Nagar toll plaza, from the toll after 5 km on right you get deviation to Laknavaram and from highway it's approximately 8 km inside. Attached is the pic:

There's Telangana Resort in the lake you get Veg and Non Veg Food and from restaurant you get a good view of the lake.

To reach Island there is cable bridge from 2 sides and Adults are charged at INR 10 & Children INR 5.

Post visiting this place we started back to Hyderabad and reached before Sunset.
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