Places near Delhi for long weekend trip - 12th Aug to 15th Aug


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Yesterday (during Rakshabandhan festival) roads were so clogged in Mumbai and in Gurgaon/Delhi, it made me wonder what will happen after few more years. It took me almost an hour in Mumbai to reach airport from Chandivali road area. Usually it takes no more than 20 minutes.
From T3, google maps showed the "red" Delhi! Took the metro, and saved myself from horrible condition of traffic.

Same thing is going to happen at almost all famous tourist places 200-300 KMs ex-delhi during the upcoming extended weekend(s).
I'll personally go to either an offbeat destination, or would like to curl up in my bed with AC and mobile by my side (to order food)... :D
Anywhere in the hills is a problem. Either it is rush or landslides. I would suggest mori/Hanol. The only constraint is the accommodation and food. Last but not least. The rush on the highway on the way back will be crazy as you will not be able to avoid it.

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You also faced such mad rush at Nainital !
All nearby places are going to have heavy rush / Jam for hours !
Yes, last time in 2016.. tabhi soch liya tha general public holidays per kahi nahi jaoga...

First there's always huge traffic , second hotels rates etc are too high

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Visited Udaipur once again.
Amazing place, with super awesome weather! No maddening rush of 'tourists'. Not secluded like a haunted place. :grin:

Delhi is an overheated oven, whereas most of Rajasthan was so pleasant that we didn't even switched on the AC of our car in day time! Nights were so cold that we had to cover ourselves up with just a ceiling fan at slow speed.

Roads were damaged at few places but nothing worth a bother.