Please help me make the best roadtrip from Mumbai to Manali! (21d)


Mediocre me
Good to know about Dholivira and Kutch detour. Good choice.

I would do this route one day.

I hope you got some help from BCMT Forum and you will post the pictures here too.

Things gets lost quick on insta and youtube.
I belive this forum as more static and permanent.

Keep travelling.

Quick update: We did Ambala- Kisangarh (good roads but so many speed cams!). Then Pushkar-Dholavira(1d rest)-Bhuj-Vadodara-Mumbai.

Kutch was really pretty, but we weren't expecting the hot climate. In the future, I would skip the rest day and just drive from Dholavira - Bhuj around 4-5pm. The roads are VERY scenic