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Scratches on tank Due to Knee Guard

Hi guys,

gudmng to you all. Friends as i am going to purchase cramster knee guard, i would like to gather your suggestions how to protect the tank getting scratched by the knee gaurd.

please suggest me



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re: Scratches on tank Due to Knee Guard

Best way to avoid scratch is to laminate the tank with transparent paper like we did on our mobile phone's screen.
It is far more durable, looks neutral than traditional black tapping !!
re: Scratches on tank Due to Knee Guard

Most of the motorcycle's tank aren't scratched by Cramster kneeguards. I have worn kneegurads on R15, P180 and Zma. On CBR 250R, kneeguards scratches a plastic panel resulting in paint coming off.


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re: Scratches on tank Due to Knee Guard

You can also buy paper tape and stick it on your tank where you feel the knee guard can scratch, tat way you will even save the tank if by chance your knee guard touches it


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Re: Scratches on tank Due to Knee Guard

One of the more reliable solutions to this problem is using a 3M scotch tape. Stick onto the area where the knee guard scrapes the tank and be rest assured.
The main advantage with the 3M scotch tape is that, it wont damage the paint on the tank when you wish you remove the tape.


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rim bent or not

Hi guys

thanks for all your responses for my previous post. Again I need your help.

Please tell me how to know whether the rim is bent or not as I just ran over a pot hole with a speed of 80-90 and after that i feel slight bubbling in my front wheels. Unable to know as in gurgaon there is no smooth road is there pls help me how can i find whether my rim is bend or its just the roads fault



Re: rim bent or not

Spokes or alloys?Not sure if its the right way,put the bike on main stand and rotate the wheel and observe if there is any uneven-ness in the rim as it rotates.