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Yogesh Sarkar

1. Hopefully members will no longer face this problem.

2. That generally happens when our CDN, Cloudflare is unable to communicated with server due to some reason. We had recently made some changes to the server to ensure this does not happen again, in case it does, please let me know.

3. Please continue to report such threads with report option present below the post. That ensures report is sent to all of the moderators, and whoever is online, can take immediate action. Software and server related issues are handled by me, so reporting them wouldn't be as fruitful, hence this thread has been started, so that we can track such issues.
When I post image from tapatalk
it is visible only on tapalk app.
When I see it in PC, it does not shows the image.
same is with smileys.

This is with other members also.
Please check this issue.
Earlier I thought this is with my account as it may have a certain limit for images / videos to upload.

Videos does not play on PC browser that I upload from tapatalk app. Video is uploaded automatically on vimeo website.

Yogesh Sarkar

I can see smilies as well as image on this post, which browser are you using?


Can you please link to the page containing uploaded video?