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Yogesh Sarkar

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Hi! I'm a newbie here. And my first time to visit India. Please give me some info on where to go in India aside from Delhi. Thanks.


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Welcome! Let us know what do you prefer, mountains, deserts, history, wildlife or anything else!! India is a vast and is full of diversity. If you are already in Delhi, then you can also meet us this Sunday and you will have plenty of options and advises ..!

Post up for more specific queries and enjoy your stay.



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Dear yogeshbhai,
we are travel tour jammu and kashmir on 19/05/ 31/05/2010.

tour starting 20thmay stay in jammu hotel,

second day morning jammu to aru.with pahelgam aru stay three days in hotel.

fifthday aru to srinagar ( forth day stay in srinagar hotel including


sonmurg,gulmurg,srinagar city local,

tenthday we are go to vaisnodevi temple via katra. with patnitop


next day morning 31st may left on jammu tawi to ahmedabad.

please send jammu, aru, sonmurg,gulmurg,patnitop,pahelgam,

srinagar's photo's on my this mail id [email protected]



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Sir. Goodday.
I am a PIO, living in the West Indies,have enjoyed reading all the travel experiences, and the photos. have visited India, in 2008, after which i joined this group.
I am looking for a tour company or a individual , who can provide the service of booking Hotel's , train, and taxi, service for a group trip, which i have planned, for October-November 2012.
I have visited India Three time, and is seeking to find a honest, Reliable ,and trustworthy Firm Or person to work with.Many of the Pio in the west indies have one desire , to visit the land where our fore fathers came from. should, have any suggestion ,please share . to [email protected].