Please recommend a cheap and reliable hotel in Bangalore


Dheeraj, im going there for first time. So i really don't know what to expect in terms of budget
well, what are you willing to pay? :)
EC has pretty big places and am sure there are smaller places too. I'll try and do some trips and get some details. Busy with fresher recruitment until Wednesday. i can do after that. and yes, you pay for my petrol. Ninja gives 20kmpl..FYI:grin:


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There are many best hotels in Bangalore, and you should choose the best as per your needs; you can come across many hotels that suit the leisure trip.


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I think OYO rooms may have a few properties. They are pretty cheap and have basic stuff (wifi etc) for a few days.


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if you are in Kormangla, try service apartments in HSR layout. you can get them at reasonable rates. Kormangla is not far from HSR layout, you can take volvo buses or cabs to Kormangla.


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Hello everyone, I will be riding down to Bangalore this weekend. I am visiting Bangalore for the first time so I have no idea of any location or budget, however I need a budget stay near old airport road. Can adjust in other nearby location as I will have my bike with me.