Pork Chops


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Last week I had Pork Belly at one of the restaurants at Cyber Hub (was it Olives?) It was awesomely delicious. The skin was nice and crispy, the fat content was just right (in fact I do not mind the lard) and the meat was well cooked and juicy. The only thing that makes me avoid having pork dishes in restaurants is that they always end up serving roasts with apple sauce, well rightly so, but somehow I am not very keen on sweet sauces. But this was nice.

As you have rightly mentioned, pork meat in India is very dicey to buy. The right supplier is essential. On my next trip to Delhi, I may be tempted to carry an ice box and carry some raw Pork meat back home to Jaipur and try your recipe. I like the look of the final product, and I am sure it tastes great too.

Thanks for sharing!!

P.S. How much is Pork meat selling at in the shops you have mentioned??

P.S.2 : What are the herbs, if any, that you have used during marination?
Hi... did you do this trip? I m from jaipur n looking to go to delhi for purchasing pork product.