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Nice. You can colour correct the images a bit... in the sunset 8mage, you can bring the top part of the image down a bit and the lower part which has the city showing, can be lifted slightly. And add a slight touch of saturation.


With the arrival of monsoon, it started raining, a beautiful sight of Rainbow which I clicked from my mobile phone.
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It is quite a challenge to take photos in clouded skies with poor dynamic range. Your composition is good - however, i would have liked to cut off the clutter on the right side which distracts the car + man subject. I would have also liked to position myself such that the tree doesn't seem to grow from the man's head. Nore contrast and saturation would be nice. My attempt:


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The rainbow is nice. I would have taken one without the car too, as the bright headlight skins of distract from the subtler rainbow. Then compared both shots.