PPL(Pune Pawana Lonawala) Ride


Incredible Bulk
Yogesh Sarkar said:
Those are the snaps I am waiting to see from you, of course we will have our retaliation ready by then in the form of Spiti :twisted:
Its kind of a competition..... western ghats in monsoon Vs himalayas

Delhi guys its time to catch up ... the Pune/Mumbai guys have been and are doing himalayas and its time for us to head to western ghats to experience the beauty in monsoon.


@Yogesh: How about pics of Himalayas along with these rain soaked green surrounding at the same time? :wink:


Nav .. shall we go again this weekend ? ..
we'll try to go down the same route we took earlier .. (I want to take some pics of that lovely holiday home) ..

We could also go to Morve and around Tung Fort area ..


@Hydro: How about going once the rain starts, it will be more scenic else it will be similarly boring scenery :wink: ? Also, that incomplete mission to climb up can be tried that time as well.