Prashar Lake Trek in June, 2019

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For about 2 years now I was planning to visit Prashar Lake in Mandi district by the trek route. Fortunately , one day on 8th may I finally received a call from my friend Mr Rupinder Singh and got to know that they were also planning to include Prashar Lake trek in their Himachal visit which included Manali and Tirthan valley. It was like a welcome surprise and without any delay I requested him to add me in the group but only for Prashar lake trek.

That day itself Rupinder Singh created a WhatsApp group for this visit and included his other friends along with myself for sharing the information relating to the trek and the planned itineraries. I was excited about this trek as one of my friend on BCMT had also visited this place earlier and it was a natural beauty and wonder to look at. After discussion in the group with all other members the plan was finalized. As I was coming from Delhi and all the other members including Mr Rupinder Singh were travelling from Punjab I would meet them at Shri Kiratpur Sahib in the morning of 01.06.2019 from where onwards we would head together our destination. I had already booked my train ticket to Shri Kiratpur Sahib for the night before but was anxious till the last hours as my ticket was not confirmed. Fortunately, it got confirmed only after the chart got prepared.

It was the most exciting moment for me as I boarded my train towards my destination Prashar Lake.

But first of all let me introduced you all to our group members.

We are 5 members of this tour group.

All tour Members with Guide.jpg

Left to Right – Mr Sukhdeep Singh, Mr Harpreet Singh, Myself, Mr Rupinder Singh, Mr Deepak (Dhaba Owner), Mr Manish( Guide) & Mr Pushpal Singh.

And before I start my travelogue please enjoy some teasers.

Bilaspur 1.JPG

Bilaspur 2.JPG

Rewalsar 1.JPG

Rewalsar 2.JPG

Rewalsar 3.JPG

Trek 1.JPG

Trek 2.JPG

Trek 3.JPG

Prashar Lake 1.JPG

Prashar Lake 2.JPG

Onkar Singh

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Day 1 - 31.05.2019

After the tour date were finalized, I had immediately booked my train ticket in “Himachal Express” from Old Delhi to Kiratpur Sahib and my return ticket from Mandi (Himachal) to Delhi ISBT Kashmiri Gate for 02.06.2019 in “HRTC AC 2X2 HIMGURAV”. In the meanwhile I also purchased some important items for the trek like ponchu, umbrella and trekking stick etc.

On Friday 31.05.2019 after office I reached home early and after having dinner took my already packed bags and headed towards the Railway Station and reached before 30 minutes of train time. I boarded the train and it was on time. Nothing much for this day. Will continue for the next day.

OLD Delhi Railway Station.jpg

Day 2 – 01.06.2019

I reached Shri Kiratpur Sahib in the morning around 6:30 AM and headed straight Gurudwara Sahib. After reaching there I got a room and refreshed myself and had langar Parsad there. As the other members coming from Punjab would reach later and I had a lot of time to kill, I caught a bus to Sri Anandpur Sahib and after darshan and one cup of tea from my favorite shop there I returned back to our meeting point at Shri Kiratpur Sahib. Soon my friends also reached there and together we embarked on our journey.

Kiratpur Sahib Railway Station 1.jpg

Kiratpur Sahib Railway Station 2.jpg

Sri Kiratpur Sahib Gurudwara

Sri Kiratpur Sahib 2.JPG

Sri Kiratpur Sahib 3.JPG

Sri Kiratpur Sahib 4.jpg

Sri Anandpur Sahib Gurudwara
Sri Anandpur Sahib 1.jpg

Sri Anandpur Sahib 3.jpg

Sri Anandpur Sahib 6.jpg

Sri Anandpur Sahib 7.jpg

We started our journey from Shri Kiratpur Sahib at around 10:30 AM. After the entry in Himachal we stopped at a restaurant for breakfast of my favourite Aloo Pranthas and Tea. Further heading we reached at Bilaspur at 1:00 PM while enjoying the way. At Bilaspur we took a long break and some refreshment and decided to go to see the temples which are famous as they are submerged under the water in the monsoon season and again come out when water level goes down. This place is near the Bilaspur Main Bus stand.

Day 1 Breakfast 1.jpg

Day 1 Breakfast 2.jpg

Temple at Bilaspur
Temple under water Bilaspur 3.JPG

Temple under water Bilaspur 4.JPG

Temple under water Bilaspur 5.jpg

Temple under water Bilaspur 6.jpg

Temple under water Bilaspur 8.jpg

Temple under water Bilaspur 11.jpg

Temple under water Bilaspur 12.jpg

Temple under water Bilaspur 13.jpg

Temple under water Bilaspur 15.jpg


Onkar Singh

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Further on we headed to our final destination for the day, Rewalsar. After crossing Sunder Nagar we took left turn towards Rewalsar via Ner chowk which is about 28 kms. We reached Rewalsar at around 4:20 pm and straight checked in at HPTDC Rewalsar hotel which we had booked in advance. Here I would like to mention that the weather all the way from Shri Kiratpur Sahib to Rewalsar was hot but after reaching Rewalsar it was pleasant may be it was near the Lake.

Rewalsar is a small town with one historical Gurudwara where Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji visited on invitation of Pahari Rajas & also has four Monasteries and a little Zoo having animals like Bear, Deer and Barasingha etc but one thing I would like to add that these Zoo are in need of more maintenance and more care of animals.

Rewalsar 1a.jpg

Rewalsar 2.jpg

Rewalsar 3.jpg

Rewalsar 5.jpg

Rewalsar 8.jpg

Rewalsar 9.jpg

Rewalsar 11.jpg

Rewalsar 12.jpg

Rewalsar 16.jpg

Rewalsar 28.jpg

Rewalsar 29.jpg

Rewalsar 31.jpg

Rewalsar 33.jpg

After checking in we first went to the Gurudwara and then visited Monasteries. One Monastery is just behind the Gurudwara Sahib, where we spent lot of time. It was very beautiful and clean and peaceful. Suddenly, the weather changed and clouds were spread in the sky and it started raining. We were stuck there for another 30 minutes.

Rewalsar 19.jpg

Rewalsar 20.jpg

Rewalsar 23.jpg

Rewalsar 27.jpg

Rewalsar 36.jpg

Rewalsar 34.jpg

Rewalsar 37.jpg

Rewalsar 38.jpg

Rewalsar 39.jpg

Rewalsar 41.jpg

Rewalsar 43.jpg

Rewalsar 44.jpg

Rewalsar 47.jpg

Rewalsar 48.jpg

Rewalsar 49.jpg

Rewalsar 1.JPG

Rewalsar 45.jpg

The rain proved to be a welcome thing for us who had come from the scorching heat of Delhi. After the rain stopped we visited the local bazaar and also planned later to visit the Mahatma Budh Temple which is the main attraction in Rewalsar. But the way to temple was not that good and the sun was also setting down therefore we changed our plan to go there.

After spending some time at a very scenic view point near the temple we came back after do some photography to the hotel and had our dinner and slept early as we had to start our Prashar Lake trek as early as possible in the morning. We had actually planned to reach Baggi Village at around 8:00 am for start of our trek. So, we decided to start from hotel before 5:30 AM.
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