Pre - Wedding Shoot

Arpit Jain

Hello BCMTians

I am looking forward for any budget photographer for a pre-wedding shoot in Delhi. Any leads would help.

Also advise if I will do it myself what are the best locations in Delhi/NCR where I can take them. I think props are a necessity these days to make it more attractive...any leads for buying them would be highly appreciated.

Arpit C Jain.

Yogesh Sarkar

You can contact Rajiv Solanki (Rajiv Kumar Solanki), he is a fellow BCMTian and wedding photographer.

If you want to do it yourself, then it is certainly possible. There are quite a few outdoor studios, where there are plenty of props etc. available and with changing room at your disposal, it can be an easy affair. Alternatively, you can try places like Lodhi Garden etc. though at times the guards can bother you, since it is a commercial shoot and without permission, such shoots are permitted.

Yogesh Sarkar

A quick search on FB for outdoor studios in Delhi presented this, Search. There are plenty others, just search for them. Can't recommend one, since I haven't used them.