Preparing your motorcycle for Ladakh


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Ola riders!

I have brought a new TB500 and planning to ride it to the hills from Mumbai this July with my wife as a pillion with luggage for two.
The ride from Mumbai to Leh and back will have many miles of tarmac and cement road along with bad and no road with rain and w/o rain.
Wanted your advice on the tyres to be used for almost all terrain and hot, cold and rain weather conditions?

Should i keep the stock tyre since the user case is diverse.
I believe, getting across bad terrain also depends on the rider just that the equipment and preparation will make the ride easier and safer for the bike and humans mounted on the bike.

Yogesh Sarkar

Dual purpose tyres are supposed to be the best compromise for on and off road riding be it in rain or dry weather. See if you can find a good, soft compound (less the stated life of the tyre, better the grip) dual purpose tyre for your motorcycle.


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Hello Frendz,

I am planning a trip to ladakh from 23rd june to 4th july 2014. Right now i am going alone if any body from Delhi NCR wants to join me you are most welcome.
Just send me a message....



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Hello Yogesh,

I am planning to go leh on this 14th june from delhi.
I will borrow my friend's bike in the journey.

So will this create problem as bike is registered on my friend's name??
Altough I will carry bike's registration and insurance papers.

Yogesh Sarkar

You will also need PUC. Apart from that, just carry a signed undertaking from him on a paper, stating you are his friend and he has lent you the motorcycle for this trip. Although it isn't needed, but I am suggesting it, just to be on the safe side.