Preparing your motorcycle for Ladakh

Yogesh Sarkar

If the tyre is nearing its end of life, then get it changed. While there is no need to carry tube for tubeless tyre (tubeless puncture repair kit would do), it would be a good idea to carry a tube so that in case if the puncture is too big to be fixed or alloy has a bend which letting out air, you can keep riding by putting in tube in the tyre.


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When you say Toolkit what all do u carry in a Regular Tool kit with which i can finish my Leh trip?
I dont want to carry all the tools like an ass.
If you can tell me the exact list of tools with which i can manage the trip please list them.
Which brand of tools is more reliable?
What is the cost ?
Note: I have a unicorn and the tool kit that comes along with my bike is lost.


What extra documents needed other than listed below if I wish to travel to Ladakh/or anywhere in India on a motorcycle registered on other person's name.
1- Registration Certificate of Vehicle
2 - Driving License.
3 - PUC
4 - Insurance.

Yogesh Sarkar

Legally, you don’t need anything else. However if the bike isn’t in the name of your father or close relative, then it might be a good idea to carry a signed letter from them, stating that they are willingly let you use the bike. Again this isn’t legally required, but can turn out to be a good fall back in case of run in with idiotic cops.


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I am planning to go for a ride to Ladakh on bike for 7 days, planning to leave on 10 Sept and would return on 16 Sept. I am riding Karizma bike and looking for more riders to accompany me in this tour. Interested guys please inbox me your replies asap on [email protected]. Soon I would share the Itenary or budget! Thanks

Yogesh Sarkar

Sahill, 7 days are woefully inadequate for a ride to Ladakh. From Delhi/Chandigarh it will take you around 3 days, just to reach Leh.