Preparing your motorcycle for Ladakh


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Yogesh Sir,

I just bought a new Pulsar 180 and planning to do this year's Leh trip on that. I hope there will not be any issues in terms of power because i have never done Manali - Leh on a bike.

You owns a 180 from a long time, so i guess you can guide me better.


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A mechanic at bajaj service centre, told me that tubeless tyres cannot be fitted on all alloy rims, there are special alloy rims for tubeless tyres. If done otherwise in case of punture,air will deflate immediately and after puncture repair it becomes difficult to inflate the tyres, for this reason in pulsar 150 with tube type tyres, one has to change alloys aswell if thinking of fitting tubless tyres on them. Is it true friends?
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Hi Yogesh,
Can you link me to threads where motorcycle transport by railways (procedure/documents/cost etc) have been discussed? I searched but couldn't get through.


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I have few queries related to bike battery, for Apache RTR 160, which I am planning to take Ladakh -
- The battery has drained and I am starting the bike by kick start. Should I get the battery replaced or I can still use the kick start method for my Ladakh trip.
- How much a new battery cost, for this kind of bike?



Satish,get a new battery installed,worth every penny.Belive me.
Also get a cigaret lighter too for mobile charging.
Cost should be around 800-1000 bucks.
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