Process to scrap a vehicle ?


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MB4U - Did you find the place? I'm staying in Mayur Vihar and waiting to get some gyan on where to find a scrap guy close by to dispose off my M800.

We found the place and junked the car.All done very professionally in front of video recorded cameras. You can take pictures of the guys cutting the car, you can take away the engine and chassis number. The guy also gives you his voter i card and other proofs to see and photo copy to take along. Go on any day, they will cut the car in front of you, when you are satisfied it cannot be misused you can comeback. I will post the number here soon.


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Hi MB4U,
Pls post the contact details of the place where you got the car scrapped,I need it asap as I have to dispose off my Maruti 800.......


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Hi all,

Sorry been really busy at office. Here are the contact details of the guy whom we contacted to get my friend's car scrapped.

Name = Guddu
Mobile = 9560802292

I have found his services highly professional with the whole car dismantled in front of us. We were allowed to take pictures. Once the car was scrapped my friend was presented with the engine number and chasis number piece and also Guddu's voter id photostat.

Guddu also showed us his complete details like address and native address.

Please let me know in case you need more information.


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Thanks Monkeyboy,

Last week, I got my Fiat Palio scrapped at Sunder Nagri Scrap Market. I talked to Guddu, as suggested by you but then went to another dealer as he gave me a better price. Putting up details here for other's benefit -

Dealers: Ahmed Nabi (991 093 5240) and Ejaz Ahmed (880 040 9751) - Call them

Paper work they do: They will write on a photocopy of their ID & Residence proof that they are buying your car for scrapping it at given price. Further they will give you the metal part of the chassis where chassis number is embossed.

What I did: I got the same paperwork done on a stamp paper of Rs.10/- Then I submitted all the papers along with metal having Chassis number and my car registration papers to Authority - who gave me a receipt of the same.

This receipt can be used to get no-claim certificate from your existing insurer. This way I saved clean 25% on insurance cost of my new car :)


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Is it possible to use the scrapped car's licence plate number for an existing car by applying to the RTO?


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Reviving a very old thread.
Due to change in law now we have to scrap 15year old car in Delhi NCR and I have 17 year old Maruti 800.
I am searching for a car scrap dealer who also provide pick up of car from home to the junk yard where they scrap the car.
And also provide all the important documents after scrapping the car.

So if anyone ha the reference (mobile number) of any car scrap dealer in Delhi please share