Promenading in the Mountains and Glens of Himachal – Sach Pass, Kugti, Barot


Helipad? Or Satrundi check-post?
Bhanjraru ?
Satrundi ?

Satrundi seems ok.

Actually Satrundi Checkpost is shifted to some km earlier in winters.
This may be winter Post.
During Snowfall Police Post at Bairagarh is final Post where you will be stopped.

Image of same Helipad can be seen at Google Maps:!1s0x391cd8e599bf9423:0x850cfe0c33fd5df0!3m1!7e115!4s!5ssatrundi helipad - Google Search&imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipNFISb24jTh9AgpYOSbe4_O86oFIqLFYQmYi8Vs&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj0y52337nlAhWFOY8KHWmECnAQoiowEnoECA0QBg&cshid=1572086735813610

Helipad List in :

Last Updated On: 21/12/2018

Sr. No.Name of Helipad/StationLatitudeLongitudeSize of helipadsAltitude(Meter)
1Bhanjraroo, Tissa32.829676.142775*35 M1691
2Satrundi, Tissa32.991976.209775*35 M3552
3Dharwas, Pangi33.118376.363260*30 M2517
4Chamba, Sultanpur32.563576.1176120*60 M866
6Holi, Bharmour32.336676.5442100*45 M1752
7Killar, Pangi33.085176.3990136*30 M2738
8Tissa Cricket Ground32.834676.15081659
9Police Ground Bargah, Chamba32.550676.1303883
10Govt. ITI Chamba32.561476.1273880
11Chamera NHPC-II Colony32.529576.1386888
12Triveni Playground, Bakloh32.465975.92621374
13Sach, Pangi32.997776.44702657
14Chamera NHPC-I, Khairi32.605175.9065563
15Sural Tai, Pangi33.149076.45023383
17Ajog, Pangi32.921976.45772275

You were not able to went ahead.
Otherwise I can ask for 3 confusing turns.

The Killar Adventure - crossing Sach pass at night with family.

The Killar Adventure - crossing Sach pass at night with family.