Protecting camera from Rain


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I am planning to do VOF trek this August. As part of preparation I am searching for a rain cover for my Canon 1200d. Most of the rain covers I saw were open at the front end of the lens. Hence to save the lens from water I want to install the hood but I am still worried if that will keep the lens safe.

Please guide about which cover to buy and to install a hood or not.


Yogesh Sarkar

You can. But a lens hood isn’t going to protect your camera from the water, in fact it may even lead it to the lens. Adding a UV filter to the front of the lens will add some protection though. However, if your lens isn’t waterproof, you have to really watch out for water.


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Hi Prasham,
Underwater housing for cameras are just that, full metal and unbreakable glass housing for camera in which you can control each and every function of the camera. They are dedicated to camera models. This housing is 100% waterproof upto substantial depth (more than 100 meters) in the water. They can withstand the under water pressure very well.
Now this camera housing is never used on land (at least I have never seen anybody using) as protection from rain though it is used in swimming pools. These housing weighs approximately 2 kgs and more which is not an issue underwater, infact advantage for buoyancy in water. Also the cost will be more than the camera and lens.

For your situation i.e protecting camera and lens from rain, the best option will be rain cover like these

I have have both of them and never ever used them, (I have pro bodies and lenses which are water resistance) because I was not on assignment or getting paid for my pictures to shoot in rain. So it makes sense to get under some shade and shoot or wait for the rains to stop. When I actually needed the rain cover like shooting from a moving boat or near water falls where water splashes, I did not have the cover with me. So I would just take any large plastic bag, cut two hole it for the lens and view finder and shoot.



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I bought a medium quality rain cover for my DSLR and have taken it to full monsoon season of Jun-July in Cherrapunji. It will protect your camera from water more or less but taking pictures though it is inconvenient as view finder is not accessible.


Little late to join conversation, however, considering question not asked to shoot in rain, but to protect camera in harsh conditions.

If anyone have DSLR and a couple of lenses, it is better to invest in good camera bag worth >5K. These bags come with rain cover, well padded compartment for camera and lens. I prefer backpack with additional space to place my things.

This bad comes with rain cover. It also has enough space to go on 2-3 days of vacation. Also, the camera compartment is detachable in some of models. So you can just remove the thick padding and use it as normal backpack.

Put equipment in zipper bag like this: Buy Slide-Rite Plastic Multi-Purpose Storage Slider Bag, 500 Gm, 1 Kg. ( Pack Of 30 Piece ) Online at Low Prices in India -


I am using older model of above bag since 5 years. The best investment to save gears and go on small vacation with minimal bags. Also, it don't cry, I AM PHOTOGRAPHER's bag.