Pulsar 200 ns launched@88600/- ex showroom


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Sorry, I didn't want to hurt anyone. I missed RX 100 inadvertently. I stand corrected. Though I have not ridden the bike extensively, I had fond memory of riding RX in Goa a looong time ago.

Chetak also deserved to be included in the list for obvious reasons.

It is an occasion when a new bike (200 NS) is being born to claim a status of a cult/legend. Let us see how 200 NS does go to achieve that status. That is why I repeated the old dusty list. For me, this list includes this much only. Others are free to express their opinion.

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I also noticed that the specs now list the headlight as 60/55 W instead of the initially announced 35/35 W. Maybe bajaj is reading the forums here.


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Some bikes were given to folks for riding around for 3-4 months and feedbacks provided were worked upon. So initial specs in some cases have been altered.


For this price definitely there is going to be a war. 86000/- dam.

Well initially I remember the price was 94280rs correct me if I am wrong what made bajaj decrease the price?


delivery has already started.first 5 bikes deliverd to the customers.can be booked in pune,mumbai ,nashik,nagpur,solapur.


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hello guys, I booked it yesterday (Rs. 10,000), choose red colour.
I've been waiting for this since March and postponed the 'purchase in general' for 3 months.
wanted a 200+ cc bike and other options were Karizma ZMR and the other newly Duke 200.
choose 200NS for the basic reason of lower cost of spares in future...

expected delivery is 10 days, so that comes around 19th June. will post a detailed review soon after.