Pulsar 200NS across Sikkim | Gurudongmar Lake | Old Silk Route

This is my first travelogue on BCMTouring. After having gathered a lot of information from so many expert members here, I thought its time to share back my experience. :)

This is the video covering the 1600 km 10 day ride in bits.

Will share detailed Travelogues for everyday onward:

Motorcycling across Sikkim | Day 1 | Kolkata to Siliguri

As they say, '4 wheels move your body but 2 wheels move your soul'.

Nonetheless, being an avid motorcycle enthusiast, the 'The Black Beast' was to be ridden across the Himalayan state. It was going to be the longest ride till date. 2300 kms over 10 days. After many drafts and discussions, 18th November, 2016 became the date when I would be leaving from Kolkata. There were a lot of suggestions coming in, most of which you can guess. 99.99% of them consisted of advising not to go on a motorcycle because they cared for me. The remaining 0.01% turned out to be soulful motorcyclist like me who encouraged, suggested and helped identify the priorities. My parents were nervous as touring on motorcycles is not yet that common in our country. But, I thought of this tour as an opportunity to gain their trust.

The ride for Day 1 would be from Kolkata to Siliguri, a distance of around 600 kms. Although, I had done long rides previously (Dajipur), this was going to be my first from Bengal. I planned to wake up at 3:00 am and start at 3:30. But, it never goes as you plan. Not being used to prepare a motorcycle for long rides, it was the first time when the cameras, saddle bags, tank bag, GPS holder, jerry cans and USB cables were mounted all together at the same time. Finally, at 4:30 am, I was ready to spark the engine for the longest ride and the toughest terrain of its life. The 'Black Beast' gave out its soft purr, ready to churn out 24 bhp on a twist.

My Black Beast

I started slow and easy because it was going to be a long day. The wind had a chilly feeling but Kolkata could never make you shiver. The Parama and AJC Bose Flyover made it easy to leave the city fast. But, incidents were in store even before I could cross the Hooghly Bridge. My GPS holder broke off ending its life span in 2 years. The tank bag took its job after that.

I had set an expectation to reach Siliguri/Bagdogra within 12-15 hrs i.e. somewhere around 5-6 pm. On long rides, I try to cover most of the distance within the initial 60-70% of the time. But, trucks and traffic at Kona Expressway made things difficult.

Henceforth, on the Durgapur Expressway, it became an easy ride but the winds were strong enough to make you shiver. The visor, if opened accidentally could smack you hard.

Took a small break to get some relief from the cold - Odo75

While refueling at Burdwan, I came to know from a Petrol pump that it is illegal to carry petrol in jerry cans. As the sun started shining brightly, I halted for a cup of tea that gave the warmth I needed on such a cold morning.

The cup of bliss on a cold morning - Odo118

Speeding through the State Highway 7 till Funtisako was comforting. You have roads good enough to keep your speeds over 100 and then the patches come up that surprise you.

Somewhere after Funtisako... stretching

A few hundred kilometers after Burdwan, I got a call. It was from Siddhartha Guchait, the guy who was also preparing for a solo ride to Gurudongmar. His schedule was uncertain till the morning but later on he did start for the same a few hours after I left Kolkata. I was happy to have a friend ride with me for the same destination. Our route and scheduled varied as I got in touch with him just a few days before the journey started. Thanks to Anjan Sarma, a senior rider from Kolkata who introduced me to him. Again, thanks to Jignesh Thakkar from B.P. Roadies who introduced me to Anjan Sarma. As Siddhartha was a few hours behind me, I decided to move ahead and stop for lunch and rest when we would meetup. We stayed in touch throughout the rest of the journey.

Small stops, refueling and tire pressure checks continued on the way.

My neck started paining after a few hundred kilometers and a few awkward looking push-ups and sit ups by the roadside had to be done. My body needed to be stretched and relaxed for the long ride, without caring how the passers by looked at me. Anyways, they were staring at a heavily loaded motorcycle and a geared up person.

After a snack break at Moregram, while watching the demonetization queues in front of a bank... Odo242

I rolled my Black Beast over Farakka for the first time....

Crossed the terrific traffic at Malda

and halted to fuel up my body somewhere before Raiganj.

I rested there for about 2 hours and waited for Siddhartha so that we could ride together. Meanwhile, the villagers there were delighted to see the new 2000 rupees note for the first time. I got it from my manager at work.

Finished my Lunch... and had a power Nap...

Siddharth reached...

and had his lunch...

We finished our lunch and left Raiganj by 3:30 pm. With another 200 kms more to go, we took it casually. Little did we know what was left in store for us. The wonderful NH12 had turned into a one-way potholed road.

And, then it turned worse. Probably, Islampur onward the road towards Siliguri becomes a narrow street road that turns and winds up frequently. The huts and bushes encroach up to the edge of the tar making it difficult for you to watch out for oncoming/crossing traffic on your way. With too much population around, it gets scary at times when small children suddenly cross the road in front of you. It was too tiring by then, since we were riding for almost 12 hours at a stretch. Concentrating so hard was becoming difficult. More so, when the sun set and darkness made it more difficult.

Nonetheless, patience becomes the key on such long rides and we rode ahead keeping a steady focus. A short tea break before Siliguri and we confirmed Soubhik Da, (another Biker from Siliguri) about our stay at Hotel Phoenix near Hill Cart Road.

We reached our Hotel at around 7:30 pm and I had to unload all the luggage once again. This was a painful part of the whole day. Loading and unloading everything was time consuming and not easy at all. But, it was this small part of every day that would give me unprecedented happiness and excitement for the next few days.

reached Hotel Phoenix near Hill Cart road...

Had a hell lot of chat with Siddhartha on the way and at the hotel. We were two like minded souls whose motorcycling spirits were shunned by the world outside and we found a heart full of stories and thoughts to share. We were sure to plan and ride hard again.

Short Clip from Day 1 -
Daar ki age jeet hai- Mountain Due...
Lekin aapne to Sprite se ushse bhi jada bijayee ban gaye...

Nice captures. And the Pic with Sun is much attractive than other pictures.

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Motorcycling across Sikkim | Day 2 | Siliguri to Okhrey
Although, a 600 km ride resulted in troubled bones and muscles, a good night's sleep over a few drinks ensured a fresh start for the day. Three of my friends (Sumalya, Ipsita and Duti) were to reach Siliguri by train at around 9 am. They had a car booked and the plan was to ride along with the car. Meanwhile, Siddhartha kept planning his route for the day. He was still unsure whether he would be heading to Gangtok or Mangan directly for a permit to Gurudongmar.

Starting from Siliguri

After a quick breakfast, I started off early to reach NJP Station and head to Okhrey with my friends. It was a packaged trip for 4 of us, apart from the car, since I would be riding my 'Black Beast'. A 2nd breakfast for the day with friends was always welcome and we stopped at Salughara for the same, just before leaving the boundaries of Siliguri.

For the 2nd breakfast of the day @ Salughara, Siliguri

By this time, I was gradually getting used to leave my motorcycle with the saddle and tank bags tied. Of course, I took my phone and GPS along when I left my machine out of sight for a few minutes. The road that takes you out of Siliguri is pretty good and linear. With thick green canopy on either side of the road, it is a pleasing way how nature welcomes you to ride higher along its curves. Initially, I tried to ride along with the car which was a rented Tata Sumo Gold but pretty soon, I had to overtake that, as keeping such a slow pace was cumbersome. I never ride fast, but narrow lanes always give 2 wheels its due advantage. Initially, I took it slow and easy, being extra cautious about the curves and held myself not to lean too much. But, how long can you hold the excitement when the fun is right in front of you? A twist of the throttle and the 24bhp machine pushed ahead with excitement. It was time to enjoy the good roads, nice bends and lean myself with those heavy saddle bags. I was a little bit surprised that I could enjoy the leans and curves with those heavy saddle bags more than I expected.

The greenish-turquoise mighty river Teesta showed up soon after and I felt so happy.

"This is everything I wanted to do in my whole life"

, I said to myself. There were a lot of fights and disagreements but finally, I thanked my mom for letting me come on this trip and especially remembered that encouraging pat on my back that my father gave just before leaving. It was a slow and easy ride. Thereafter, I kept getting lost at the beauty of the road and the Teesta flowing aside to such an extent that a little bit fear of ramming onto oncoming traffic crept in at times.

Stopped at the Teesta Bridge while crossing the river...

Ipsita, Sumalya, Me, Duti (left to right)

A few groupies...

Entering Sikkim through Melli
I had confirmed the route from our driver and Google maps was almost showing the same way apart from some minor diversions. We halted at Melli for our lunch. As for me, I never prefer heavy food while riding and happily restricted myself to momos. Melli is the point where you leave West Bengal and enter into Sikkim. At the gates of Melli, any of your valid Photo ID proof works and being an Indian you get entry without any hassles.

Entering Sikkim at Melli

And, its here from where things start looking bad. The roads are crazy! I'm sorry!! There are no roads!!! Its broken rocks and dust. Its so dusty that my black saddle bags turned grey when a single truck crossed passed me. My muscles were already stiff and the bad roads only meant, I need to forget about pain and push myself ahead. Actually, at some spots, authorities were busy constructing roads which means, in another year or so, the roads from Melli to Okhrey should be good enough. I did not dare to ride slow with our car that lagged way behind. I sped up with control so that I could ride past that traumatic stretch of road. But, then it was to continue for long. I rode and halted to stretch my limbs frequently. Meanwhile, all through the way, I kept wondering if my tires would hold themselves together till the end. I loved my motorcycle and never ever did I ride my lovely machine on such bad roads. It was a well maintained purring beast. Not anymore, I guess!!!

Therpui onwards a few stretches of good tar start giving some hope. The sunlight seemed to fade faster than usual. It was about 4 p.m. when the usual gleaming sunlight seemed to cease its existence. I did not care but I never wanted to ride in the dark unless it was absolutely necessary.

There were 2 things in this journey that I knew would trouble me. And, I was prepared for neither of them. The first one was a foggy visor (Sol SM1). Monsoons in Kolkata gave ample experiences to such instances and I was pretty much sure that the hills and cold would weave a bad enough fogged visor to deter me. I did not have a pin lock visor or any other way to stop that. The other stuff was proper riding boots. I used my Woodland high ankle leather boots but that was no way to protect your foot from deep water crossings.

Somewhere after Melli

Bad roads had already ensured darkness by the time I reach. I guess it was around 30 kms away from Okhrey when the turns started getting steeper and altitude is gained rapidly. The sun was setting across the valley and anywhere you looked gave you a stunning splendid view.

The sunset and splendid view before reaching Okhrey

There were in-numerous such landscapes to stare at and get lost amidst them. With the sunlight gone, the temperatures dropped rapidly, the winds became very cold all of a sudden and my fingers were getting numb. I took out my woolen gloves and wore them beneath my regular riding ones. Okhrey was around 15 kms away and I expected to reach before complete darkness.

But, then future has always something else in store for you. Darkness was about to get creepier. And, things were about to get scary and ugly.

Getting lost in Okhrey
I did not ask Sumalya or our driver about the homestay (pre-booked) location. I kept riding as per Okhrey on Google maps and also confirmed the same from a few locals. And then, there was this normal uphill turn where I was trying to play some music through my helmet headset. A dog barked and jumped towards me. I was already fighting the chilly winds of the journey, riding myself for the very first day on the hills. Probably everything, coupled together with the dog that caught me totally off-guard made things so worse that I crashed straightaway onto the narrow stream that was flowing by the roadside. It was a small accident which I felt extremely silly about. A local helped me get my motorcycle out of that mess. I kept cussing myself for that silly incident and thanked god for being lucky enough not to ride to the void side of the road. This incident was also recorded on my helmet camera.

I rode very slowly and steadily after that but no matter how careful you are, luck was not in my favor that evening. I rode to the point where Google maps said, "You have reached your destination!"

And, there I was amidst complete darkness staring at the jungle uphill and downhill. There was absolutely no one around. Nor, were there any huts, cottages or buildings!! I was surprised at this audacity of Maps to drag me to such a place and name it Okhrey!!!

I had no other option but to ride uphill and hope for a quaint little village like Pooh/Nako in Spiti valley. But, there was none for the next few kilometers. I called Sumalya and was informed that our Homestay was just beside Okhrey Government School. Fed it into maps and a 3G Vodafone connection favored my luck. It showed my destination to be 25 kms away. Now, in that darkness and cold, I was in no mood to ride downhill and uphill on that route. It meant another 1.5-2 hrs at least considering the fog, darkness and my tired muscles at that time. I was lucky to meet a local and he intimated me about a shortcut 2-3 kms ahead. So, I started riding uphill and ahead when I was yet again lucky to meet another person who said "upar aur upar". It was kind of odd that they spoke in the same way. Being completely dark, the feeling was eerie and so I reconfirmed him about the distance. "Baas, 2-3 km aage" (just 2-3 kms ahead). I had no other inputs and so, I rode ahead keeping note of the tripmeter. After 3 kms, I was once again amidst complete darkness apart from my headlights that gave me the only ray of hope. So, the only option was to continue until I find some good place.

I now knew that I had taken a completely wrong route. With maps having no clue, as to where that place was, I rode until a cottage came which had its lights on. My muscles were fatigued and I decided to stop for a few minutes. I turned off the engine and kicked out the side stand to park the motorcycle but before I could lean my motorcycle to the left, it had already leaned right and was out of my control. The next moment, I had a fully loaded motorcycle lying on its right side. I knew that it was nearly impossible for me to lift up the machine once again, without any help. I tried a few times and failed; kept breathing heavily until I realized that I need to walk downstairs to that cottage and ask for help. Probably the sharp altitude gain from Siliguri to Okhrey in a few hours made me gasp for breath too much. Also, a hard ride on the extremely bad roads from Melli to Okhrey had drained all my energy. I knocked at their door and realized after a few minutes that there was no help around.

In my mind, I was considering 2 options.
Number 1: To try my best once again and lift up the motorcycle...
Number 2: Leave the motorcycle there and walk downhill until I get some help...

I sat on a rock by the side of the road. There was not a single sound except the chilly winds slightly whistling upon hitting my visor at a certain angle.I was definitely nervous at that moment. A few words from my mom kept ringing at the back of my head. It was just my nervousness that brought me into such a state of mind. I took a few deep breaths, calmed my nerves and rested for about 3-5 minutes. It was going to be my last attempt in lifting up the motorcycle and this was necessary in order to get to my destination quickly. This part is pretty much unexplainable. It might look simple and easy. But, that moment, those tired muscles, darkness, state of mind and cold still makes those minutes unfathomable. I gave all my energy, forgot all the pain and tried my best as if it was the last effort. In the end, I had given it all and I could get it up. It felt like squeezing out every drop of effort I had. I remained seated motionless on my bike for the next few minutes, staying focused on keeping a firm hold on the ground this time.

I continued riding and this time, I came to a point where the road split into 2. The one that went right (upwards) was a freshly gravel laid road which suggested that it was under construction. A bulldozer and a road-roller parked diagonally across the road ensured that it was closed ahead. So, I chose the path that was going left (downwards). Here, there was a small shelter open from all ends and written "Zero Point, Okhrey". The tar stopped from this point onward. I was yet to understand the gravity of the situation and dared to take that road. By now, darkness and the feeling of having not a single soul around had skipped my mind. 2 small accidents before this made me feel if ever I would be able to complete this journey. I just wanted to get to some homestay, somehow. This path was not on Google Maps and there was no network here. I rode for a few hundred meters on that path until it started getting too muddy. The plants around started getting dense and were creeping onto the path. I did not care and moved ahead until the road got so narrow that it now had started looking like a walking trail by the edge of a mountain. Had I gone just a few meters ahead, I doubt if I would have been able to get the width to reverse my loaded motorcycle in the opposite direction. I knew I was completely lost. Of course, I got a bit more scared as there was no network and I was far away from a marked road on Maps. I did not want to try my luck any further.

I turned my motorcycle and started riding back to an area where I would get a signal. As soon as the bars showed up, I called Sumalya and let him know that I was not in a good situation and probably it would take around 2 more hours because now, I had decided to take the 25 km route shown by maps. I had also decided that if I came across any homestay/hotel, I would stay overnight there itself. A few kms downhill, I met this police who was probably coming back from duty. There were 2 others with him and after I explained my 'lost' situation, he offered to help me. One of the persons with him agreed to ride as my pillion and show me the route. So, once again I was riding uphill. With those saddle bags, I am sure the pillion seat was not a good one to ride on. Thanks to that person who showed me the route. I crossed the "Zero Point, Okhrey" board and this time took the newly graveled road amidst the narrow opening left in between the bulldozer and road-roller.

The day did not end yet. But, thankfully there were no more accidents in store. I dropped off the person at his place and he showed me the route ahead. I was relieved because this time Vodafone accompanied me. I reached Okhrey Government School and called my friend. His voice echoed from above and after riding a few meters uphill, I had finally reached my destination.

Dinner with friends at the homestay, Okhrey

By now, all the feelings had turned into an exciting story, an adventurous day straying into nowhere.

So, it was a story to tell over some chaang (a local drink) and a few joints ;)

You know what!! ;)

The local drink of Sikkim, Chaang

Day 2 was to be etched in my mind forever.

The compiled MotoVlog for Day 2:


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Motorcycling across Sikkim | Day 3 | Okhrey to Hilley-Varsey
As I opened my eyes, the gleaming sunlight had filled the room with warmth and a positive aura. I was a little skeptical to open the glass windows at first, remembering last night's cold winds but, the rays gave much hope.

It was as lively, bright and splendid as it could be. The cold and eerie Okhrey had now turned into a warm sunny quaint little village amidst the lap of the Himalayas. A Vodafone 3G connection still kept you connected to the world outside.

I did not think twice and ventured outside in my trousers. The first view was amazing.

The prayer flags fluttering in the winds still carried that chill-feel, reminding one how brutal it could be when the sun sets.

It was so hard to believe that the Okhrey that scared me last night was such a bliss to my eyes now.The shadows were cold and you would always want to be in the warmth of the sun. I strolled around the homestay, trying to know the place which was wrapped in darkness last night. It was beautiful. The owners did keep their place well maintained.

As I came near my motorcycle, I could now see its condition upon inspecting it closely. Never ever in its life had it been so dirty. I had always taken good care of my Black Beast and a different place and touring were no excuses for me. The homestay owner helped me with a bucket of water and then I realized what I had gotten myself into. The water was near 0 degrees C. Touching it numbed my fingers. For the first few times, I thought of leaving my motorcycle as it is. But then, I could not be at peace. I did wash and wipe it thereafter.

Washing the beast in this chilly weather... #motorcycles #sikkim #acrosshimalayas #gurudongmar #2300kms #OneLivingLife.in #day3 #okhrey #hilley #versay

A video posted by Chandrajit Rudra (@chandrajit1988) on Nov 19, 2016 at 7:19pm PST

My friends, especially Duti and Ipsita were too eager not to see someone riding. As it is, they were among those 99.99% people, who looked upon touring on 2 wheels as a dangerous passion.

"Traveling is never complete, unless you have felt the ground beneath, let the wind touch you and taken the warmth of the sun on your bare skin."

Motorcycling gives you all. It immerses you in your surrounding and creates a stronger bonding with the place you travel across. Well, trekking is even far better but you need something faster to cover distances. :)

Since our trek today was to start from Hilley, which was just 25 kms away from Okhrey, I did not care too much.

So, after a warm bowl of maggi and a few cups of coffee, we were in the Tata Sumo driven by Jojo.

It was a drive of around 1 to 1.5 hours and on the way the snow clad Himalayan peaks give you a nice view.

The trek from Hilley to Varsey is about 4 kms. While Hilley is at an altitude of around 2750 m, the trek to Varsey gains around another 210 m in altitude (as per GPS).

Entry to the the Hilley Varsey Trek

This place is also famous for the Rhododendron flowers that bloom in spring. I heard that it would have been a spectacular view then. However, we were trekking at the end of November and that view was not to be seen. I would not suggest you to come here in November or in any of the winter months. You would miss the essence of this place.

View while trekking

But, even without the blooming Rhododendrons, the trek amidst the Himalayan greenery lets you experience nature in its purest form. The altitude along with hiking obviously makes one breath heavily. But, it is only the sound of your breath and the rustling leaves beneath that fills the air. Occasionally, you could hear the faint sound of a waterfall which keeps getting louder as you near it and faints away as you walk past the crystal clear stream.

View from the top

We trekked till Hilley and it took us around 2 hours to reach the top. There is a nice open shade here where you get a wonderful view of the Himalayan ranges around. We wanted to spend some more time there. In fact, there is also a cottage/homestay around 500 meters from that place where you can also spend the night. But, it remains open only during the peak seasons.

This trek gave my body ample exhaustion and I guess it also helped me adjust to higher altitudes over the next few days. We were back by 3:00 pm and everyone was dead tired and hungry. After having lunch back at the homestay, everyone went to sleep, apart from me. I strolled around the courtyard and garden and had a nice chat with our driver, Jojo. His home was in a village, near Pelling. So, he did shed some light about their way of life. Their main source of income was farming elaichi, a spice with a strong aroma used in many dishes. While his elder brother and his family worked on the farm all around the year except extreme winters, he drove tourists around for additional income.

From the Homestay @ 3:30 pm

Overall, the day ended on a very sweet note. The bad part was, while I did quit smoking for the past few months in order to detox my lungs, my bad habits caught up with me amidst a place where I needed to avoid that thing the most.

The compiled Motovlog for Day 3:

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Now,here's the travelogues for Day 4 to enjoy. Let me know your feedbacks because they have been inspirations. O:)
Motorcycling across Sikkim | Day 4 | Okhrey to Pelling

For every day ends with an admiration... (View at the end of day from Pelling)

It was the 4th day amidst the mountains. As usual, I woke up before others to finish up the chores in time. That included cold starting my motorcycle, inspecting it closely, prepping the cameras, packing up and finally tying the saddle bags for the day's ride. Yes! I was a little bit jealous of how luxuriously my friends woke up, had their breakfast and got into a warm 'n' enclosed vehicle. But, then I remembered my hands on the grips and the curves of the hills. And, that... kept me smiling throughout the day.

"The toughest leg of the journey is still 4 days away", I counted.

The ride for this day was from Okhrey to Pelling which was around 85 kms. Short enough, considering a 600 kms ride done on Day 1. But nonetheless, the turns of a mountain road can be fatal in a blink of over-confidence. Riding defensive was the key, as advised by Shanu (my friend). Starting off with a mild fever, I handed over the ride to Sumalya when he wanted to.

Handing over the baton...

Perhaps, that compensated a bit of jealous-ness! He rode from Okhrey to Soreng. My front tire had a puncture and I had filled up just enough air to last me till the puncture shop. Tubeless tires are life savers on a long journey (but puncture sealants can be hell; will explain in later posts). Though, I did carry a puncture repair kit, I did not use it unless it was a necessity. Being in the car, meant competing for the co-passenger seat with Duti. But, a little bit of switching places felt nice at times.:)

Soreng onward, I was done with my ass being hauled inside the enclosed wagon. I took-over the ride and enjoyed a part of the journey on my Black Beast. The route from Okhrey to Pelling had many small villages on the way and they were quite populated. Although, I still doubt the face they carry after the sun sets. The snow clad Himalayan peaks kept peeking numerous times on the way and it was hard to decide which view to stop for. Perhaps, even a luxurious amount of time spent in these parts could still find it hard to quench your thirst.

From somewhere along the way...

After having stopped numerous times in between we finally halted at an Alpine Cheese factory owned by Amul. I had always loved cheese and a different form of the stuff was always exciting. We grabbed a couple of Alpine cheese balls and headed towards our next destination. It was Singshore Bridge, which is the gateway to Uttarey. But, before that, my friends had halted somewhere for some good wine and beer. This beer was not meant for Sumalya who bought it but for me, as I was to get drunk and leave him to ride for the rest of the day. He had chalked out details sharply. I did not think twice since the ride was short and some beer could certainly spice up my day, albeit in a different way.

By the time, we stopped at the destined Singshore bridge, I had finished my beer and was looking for some more.

Singshore Bridge

There was this small shop selling a few stuffs that interested me. She had stocks of Rhododendron wine and "Chaang", the Sikkimese local drink that I tasted on my first day at Okhrey. I started with the wine and ended with the Chaang.

Rhododendron Wine

Since, I keep drinking and riding poles apart, I knew I would not be riding for the rest of the day. Also a total distance of 85 kms did not excite me that much. The big day was coming soon and I could rather enjoy sipping the wine and dreaming about the Gurudongmar ride.
The Singshore bridge, a gateway to Uttarey was also a nice place from where you could get a panoramic view of the valley around.

A few stops in between

We reached Pelling soon and even refueling at the end of the day gave a scenic view. The Kanchenjunga range displayed its full glory here. Probably, it is one of the most scenic Petrol pumps in India.

Refueling at Pelling

MotoVlog for the Day: