Pumpernickel German Bakery, Leh

This Bakery is situated at the main market in Leh. It sells different bakery products including pastries and pies and has a side by side multi cusine eatery with the same name.
During our recent visit, after having bad food at different hotels, we found this as a welcome break. Firstly, items like sandwitches, continental items etc. can, tastewise, compare with any good hotel in a bigger city. Outside Leh, when one is travelling to a far flung location, it is Maggie and Maggie soup only. One tends to get saturated with the taste. There lies this bakery's second advantage. It opens its shutters pretty early. We used to place order for packed food on the previous evening and they used to keep the packed food ready right on time next morning. So we used to pick up Breakfast/Lunch for munching on the way. They open when other eateries are mostly closed. Their food is very tasty (avoid Indian - too spicy) and service is quite good
I too had visited this bakery during my very recent Leh trip, recommended by a lot of friends, but was a tad disappointed after having choco-ball & choco-brwonie cake slice....