Pune to Gulmarg & Back 7 to 21 Dec 2021


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I have moved permanently to Pune, but the Himalayas are still there.

Family has been wanting a road trip for many years.
So I left Fortuner in Gurgaon, and moved house hold to Pune.

Now, today 7 Dec 21, I alone fly to Delhi, get Fortuner all ready for a road trip,
Family will fly to Delhi on 10 Dec night, land at 2am on 11 Dec,
I pick them up at airport and we hit the road for night halt at Udhampur.

As a precaution, I left the Snow Chains, Canon R5, Canon RF28-70 f/2.0, and the Sony Video Camera PXW Z90V in Gurgaon.
In addition to avoid huge excess baggage, shipped all heavy jackets, heavy boots etc etc, which landed in Gurgaon in two days.
Will ship them back also so that the Fortuner has enough space inside, as the return trip all the way to Pune is in Fortuner.

So this is the plan.

Day 1 - 7 Dec 21. Fly Pune to Delhi.
Day 2, 3, 4 - 8, 9, 10 Dec 21. Get Fortuner ready, servicing, oil change, etc etc.
Day 5 - 11 Dec. Family fly from Pune to Delhi, landing 2:30 am. Drive direct to Udhampur.
Day 6 - 12 Dec. Udhampur to Srinagar.
Day 7 - 13 Dec. Pre Lunch, boat ride, Pari Mahal, Hazratbal Masjid, Post Lunch, Srinagar to Gulmarg.
Day 8 - 14 Dec. Gulmarg, Cable car to Stage 2. Fun in Gulmarg
Day 9 - 15 Dec. Gulmarg to Zoji La and back to Gulmarg.
Day 10 - 16 Dec. Gulmarg to Pahalgam and Betab Valley. and back to Gulmarg.
Day 11 - 17 Dec. Gulmarg to Udhampur.
Day 12 - 18 Dec. Udhampur to Gurgaon.
Day 13 - 19 Dec. Rest in Gurgaon, Kake Da Dhaba for Chicken Curry for lunch.
Day 14 - 20 Dec. Delhi to Ahmedabad.
Day 15 - 21 Dec. Ahmedabad to Pune.

Just hoping that road to Zoji La will still be open.

So my dep flight from Pune at 14:20 today, 7 Dec 21.
Gulmarg, here we come.

Yes, we have both covid shots, done almost 6 months ago.
We have Arogya App too.
BUT, now this new scare of Covid has started,
So fingers crossed, there is no radical change in rules going and coming.
One thing is for sure, entering J&K now all are being checked at the boarder,
so gonna be a huge traffic jam.


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Day 1.
7 Dec 21.

Landed in Delhi.
the sky and visibility was amazing.

15 min from Delhi,
While flight was descending,
Could see Himalayas snow caped peaks.


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11 Dec 2021.

Some km short of Jammu bypass, my nephews car started to give some trouble.
we dialled for help.
in the mean time, I put his engine off,
threw water on the radiator,
waited for 10 min,
started car,
and it worked perfect,
we managed to reach workshop on Jammu bypass 30 min before they shut.
but they keep a crew behind to fix the car in 1 hour, and we were on the way to Udhampur.


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It was now already night.
we were on the amazing 4 lane highway to Udhampur,
Then one of the kids said, look Christmas tree.
Actually it was the lit up path going up to Vaishnu Devi.