Pune to Indore By Road


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I am planning a road trip to Indore (Limbodi) in October 2020 from Pune (Aundh) in my Honda City. We'll be travelling with my 2 year old toddler.

Please suggest best route considering :
  1. Travel time - considering I am leaving early morning at around 6 from Pune
  2. Road condition - since I am travelling with family which includes a 2 year old toddler
  3. Halts in between - hygienic restaurants, scenic route, etc
  4. Current COVID situation
  5. <Any travel related suggestions are welcome>

As per my understanding there are 2 routes :-
Route A: Pune - Narayangaon - Sangamner - Malegaon - Dhule - Julwania - Indore
Route B: Pune - Ahmednagar - Aurangabad - Edalabad - Burhanpur - Indore

Just if it helps - I prefer longer route to bad roads.

Any kind of travel tips are welcome.


Its four lane from Pune to Ahmednagar and Malegaon to Indore. In between its 2 lane with both side traffic.

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Thanks Harshad, that helps. Can you tell roughly how long it takes from Ahmednagar to Malegaon? And is the road condition bad or it's just that it's 2-lane only which takes lot of time?
Road condition was good when I last travelled in Dec 2019. Not sure about now. It takes roughly 1.30 hrs Please check google maps for exact kms. & current time to travel.

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