PWD guest house in Barot


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Just booked a one set room for Barot RH from Joginder nagar office, on number 01908-224598. First, i tried a number mentioned by Vikas here(01908-260665) but then person on other side of phone directed me to call at joginder nagar office to book.

Edit: Joginder nagar office informed that roads are blocked due to heavy snowfall for barot valley these days:(. Somehow asked him to atleast book it for 26th if in the case roads get cleared by that time.


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its really very nice place,i just stayed there 3 times.wanna try my new fishing gear so going this saturday again there :)

can you tell more about fishing at this place or any other place in Himachal.....
Q1. Is the fishing done inside the farm..... in man made pools or in the river ??
Q2. Any particular season for a good catch....??
Q3. Any special permission required for fishing..??
Q4. What is the best "chara" for trout fish... earthworms or chilwa or simply aate wala mixture...?

Me new to the world of fishing but simply loving it....
usually go to Sutlej for fishing....... but it's so hot now days ......that I was wondering there must be good places in Himachal for fishing .. just then read your comment... so asking so many questions....... :)
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I think from July 1st the booking is again from paddar pwd office, that is what the care taker told me, when i visited the pwd guest house barot.