Query on Tyres


Finally after a bit of research on net, i arrived at following conclusion:
Brand : 1. Yokohama earth 1
2. Bridgestone B290
Upsize : From 185/65/15 to 195/65/15

Further suggestions and opinions on the topic are welcome..
Yokohama Earth 1 is best !


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I recommend you stick to Goodyear. Good warranty coverage. Triple max is good one.
Bridgestone quality in recent days is hit or miss. Literally there is no warranty and proving manufacturing defect is next to feasible option.

Yokohama Earth 1 is good tyre, soft compound and comfortable ride. you may not get good mileage.

The only suggestion is when you fit the new tyres, Ertiga Camber reading measured is correct.

My research states that not many of the Wheel Alignment centres get their Alignment machines calibrated at regular intervals. So make sure you keep this in mind. Wrong Camber readings will make Toe setting wrong will result in inner thread wear and tear.