Question on Engine oil


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Hey Guys,

I own a Classic 350 BS4 and have completed all the free services. Now I want to change my engine oil from liquid gun to other synthetic oil. But I'm confused which to use can anyone suggest me a good performance oil???

Yogesh Sarkar

If you wish to go for synthetic engine oil, which would be quite expensive, then opt for Motul 300V or 7100.

If you are ok with the idea of using semi-synthetic engine oil, then Motul 5100 is a good option.


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No point in using synthetic oil in RE Classic 350 as
  1. its a low reviewing machine.
  2. you cannot increase the oil change intervals too much, hence very expensive affair (read 3 times).
I would suggest to use normal mineral oil with oil change frequency to 2K KM.

Personally I am using 5100 (semi-synthetic) oil from motul and oil change frequency is 4K KM in my classic 500.