Quit our jobs, sold our home, riding around the world!!!


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At the outset, take a bow.
More comments to flow in from, as the log progresses. You see, I have a feeling that I'll need many many adjectives on later stages & I am starting saving from right this post. :)


There would be hardly anyone on this forum who doesn't dream of doing what you are doing - quit your job, sell your house and go on a biking trip that has no set end date. Bring it on.

Yogesh Sarkar

Welcome to BCMTouring, hooked to your travelogue and feel sorry about the fact that you had a hard time in India. Hope your next would be a lot more pleasant and gratifying.


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MUCH RESPECT.....u guys are living ''The Dream''.....what every diehard traveller dreams of...just take off and keep travelling all over. ure pics are just super and very interresting write up too. keep it rolling i am glued.